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Explore "The Place I Call Home" Exhibition This December in Qatar

The project will be displayed at the Fire Station in Doha for another couple of weeks

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9 December 2019

Last updated on 9 December 2019
Christine Sperr at ExpatWoman
by Christine Sperr
The Place I Call Home exhibition in Doha, Qatar

Pictured: Mysteries of the Horizon by Abi Green

Don't miss the chance to see this exhibition on display in Doha this December.

"The Place I Call Home" is a project that uses contemporary photography to explore the idea of home related to the experiences of young people living in the Gulf and the UK at a time of rapid change and social mobility. The exhibition and accompanying activities are commissioned by the British Council and curated by David Drake, Director of Ffotogallery, the national photography agency.

Comprised of various mediums by both British and Middle Eastern artists, "The Place I Call Home" represents six of the GCC countries and is a thoughtful balance between age, gender, professional experience, and medium. In various ways, the work of these selected artists shares stories of culture and heritage, exploring identities, challenging stereotypes and highlighting commonalities and differences.

The exhibition has three themes:

  • Place-Making: how planning, design, cultural, environmental and technological considerations define a region, city or neighborhood.
  • Interculturalism: promoting dialogue and interaction between cultures to challenge isolation and self-segregation with cultures.
  • Citizenship: social responsibility, hospitality, inclusion, respect, and tolerance.
The Place I Call Home exhibition in Doha, Qatar

Pictured: The Fire House (L) / David Drake (R)

Where to see "The Place I Call Home" in Qatar

In Doha, "The Place I Call Home" is currently on exhibition at the Fire Station. The Fire Station is a contemporary art space committed to supporting artists through its residency programs, as well as engaging the local communities in Qatar by providing opportunities and events, which include exhibitions and public programs.

Eleven artists’ work is prominently displayed in Workshop 4 at the Fire Station through the 21st December 2019. Viewers will enjoy striking exhibits from Abi Green, Sebastián Betancur-Montoya, Sara Al Obaidly, Mashael Al Hejazi, Ammar Al Attar, Ben Soedira, Eman Ali, Hassan Meer, Mohammed Al-Kouh, Richard Allenby-Pratt, and Zahed Sultan.

On 4th December, David Drake leads a photography walk through Al Bidda Park focusing on the theme of "The Place I Call Home". Home means something similar and different to each and every one of us and the purpose of the photo walk was to evaluate how each participant views the home through three perspectives or categories: diagonal, borders and park life. In groups and individually, participants were given 2 hours to roam the vast grounds of Al Bidda Park to capture images through these three perspectives that embody ‘home’ on a personal level. After the photo walk, the group convened to edit, discuss and debate aspects of their striking images and the parallels to the place they call home. It was a highly stimulating and creative exercise that provoked meaningful discussion.

The Place I Call Home exhibition in Doha, Qatar

Pictured: TPICH Diagonal (L) and Park Life (R)

The Place I Call Home exhibition in Doha, Qatar

Pictured: Concrete Diaries by Sara Al Obaidly

The Place I Call Home will continue its tour throughout the Middle East with the upcoming venues:

  • Bahrain / Art Center / 15 January – 31 January 2020
  • Saudi Arabia (Riyadh) / L’Art Pur / 9 February – 29 February 2020
  • UAE (Sharjah) / Maraya Art Center / 7 March – 21 March 2020

Photo: Mysteries of the Horizon by Abi Green is a series of photographic images shot in the shifting sand dunes of Qatar and the remote Inland Sea. The images focus on a reflective mirrored object in the form of a house.

Photo: Concrete Diaries by Sara Al Obaidly is an ongoing Qatar landscape series documenting the country’s ever-changing terrain due to its boom in economic growth and rapid modernization since the discovery of natural gas 42 years ago. The images capture the reality of the country’s outskirts and desolate areas on the city’s boundaries, documenting one of the world’s fastest-growing industrial cities.

Photos: Editor’s Photos TPICH Diagonal and Park Life were taken on the photo walk.