Laughter Yoga Sessions Now in Doha |

Laughter Yoga Sessions Now in Doha

If you want to laugh your way to happiness and a healthier life in Qatar, it’s now possible with yoga sessions you can laugh at.

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17 January 2017

Last updated on 13 June 2017
Laughter Yoga Sessions Now in Doha

It’s said that laughter is the best medicine. Well if that’s the case, then a laughter session is just what the doctor ordered! There’s now a trend to make the best out of the benefits of laughter and that’s Laughter Yoga.


There are thousands of these sessions around the world and now it’s back in Doha. The first time such a club was formed in Doha was in 2013 but has since faded.

Lead by positivity and success coach Michelle Arscott, the laughter yoga sessions involve yoga deep breathing and laughter exercises. The goal is for the group to have continuous laughter for 15-20 minutes.

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The benefits are abundant. Deep laughter is a form of release as it acts as a stress reliever. Additionally, it lowers stress hormone levels and releases endorphins, so it can act as a natural painkiller. Laughter yoga helps to improve breathing as well. As you practice deep breathing between laughter bouts, your diaphragm muscles gets exercised and therefore, increases your oxygen levels.

A hearty laugh can also help you burn up to four calories. According to research by Dr Williams Fry of Stanford University, 10 minutes of laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine.

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Practicing laughter will lead to more and more laughter in your regular everyday life, which will help you have a more positive life. It’s a complete wellbeing workout.

The practice of laughter yoga started in India by Dr Madan Kataria in 1995. He created the School of Laughter Yoga and his teachings were based on how the body can’t tell the difference between fake and real laughter.

For more information about the sessions in Doha, you can check out the Facebook page here.