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Bahrain Schools Will Re-open on September 16

Public schools across Bahrain is set to re-open its doors to students and teachers this September.

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11 June 2020

Last updated on 11 June 2020
Bahrain Schools Will Re-open on September 16

Education authorities in Bahrain urge schools and students to continue using distance learning.

Bahrain Education Minister Majed Bin Ali has announced that from Wednesday, September 16, all public schools in the country will re-open with strict precautions.

Teaching faculty and other staff will return to work on September 6.

“The ministry has determined September 6, 2020 for the return of educational administrative authorities, and September 16 for the return of students,” he said.

Private schools in Bahrain will re-open earlier, starting from mid-August this year.

“Abidance by precautionary and preventive measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 will be taken into consideration,” the minister added.

The Education Ministry in Bahrain will continue to use distance learning as part of the education system in the new academic year.

"These mechanisms have proved their success in the second semester under the exceptional circumstances related to the coronavirus," the statement said.

Earlier this year in March, Bahraini authorities suspended classes at both public and private schools as part of their health and safety measures against the global coronavirus pandemic.

Local health authorities confirmed 468 new COVID-19 cases and 378 recoveries in Bahrain.