Renewing Your Vehicle Registration in Bahrain: A Guide |

Renewing Your Vehicle Registration in Bahrain: A Guide

Renewing your vehicle registration in Bahrain is easy & can be done online and at the traffic department depending on your car.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 3 January 2018
 Renewing your vehicle registration

Renewing your vehicle registration in Bahrain is quite straight forward and can be done online and at the traffic department. If your vehicle is older than four years than it will go through some stringent road tests so ensure that the car is serviced and up to date.

Mechanic fixing car

When you go to the traffic department ensure that you have your ownership card with you. The best time to renew your vehicle is before pay day as many people tend to renew after they get paid due to the fines that they incur. When you drive up to the department the bay that you drive to for inspection depends on your car. If you have a new vehicle got to the left hand bay, the right hand inspection bay is for older vehicles that need a more thorough check.

Once your car has been inspected the inspector will fill in a form for you using the details of your registration card. He will hand this form to you. Once you have it, park your car and head into the department. There is a ladies section that will deal with the registration of the vehicle and allow you to pay your fines. The ladies section is much faster than the men’s as fewer women renew their own vehicle registrations.

Once you have paid for your fines (if you have any) and renewal check that the officer has stamped your form twice. Hence there will be three stamps on your form. One from the inspector and two from the officer. Now all that is left is to get your insurance and you can go to the post office or log onto the e-portal and renew your vehicle.

E-portal services

Vehicle Registration Renewal eService provides vehicle owners with an ability to renew their vehicle registration online. This facility is available for the vehicle that meets the below criteria:

1. Vehicle model has not exceeded four (4) years
2. Private Registration
3. Vehicle owners may renew their vehicle registration three (3) months in advance of their current renewal date
4. The insurance must be at least third party insurance and should be valid for one full year starting from the month of vehicle registration with one of the below Insurance Companies:

• Bahrain National Insurance
• Al Ahlia Insurance
• Iran Insurance Company
• Med Gulf Insurance
• Solidarity General Takaful
• AXA Insurance
• Takaful International Co.
• Medgulf Allianz Takaful B.S.C (c)
• Bahrain Kuwait Insurance
• Saudi National Insurance Company

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