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About the Contraceptive Pill in Bahrain

An expat guide to the contraceptive pill in Bahrain: is it allowed, what pills are available, and if you need a prescription.

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23 June 2021

Last updated on 29 April 2024
Contraceptive pills in Bahrain

If you’re currently living in Bahrain in a committed relationship and don’t want kids, or if you simply want to keep your family size modest, you might want to know – what are your birth control options?

How readily available are these contraceptive pills in Bahrain, do you need a prescription, and can unmarried women get them? Here's what every responsible expat woman in the kingdom should know about the contraceptive pill.

Are contraceptive pills allowed in Bahrain?

Yes, you can purchase birth control pills in Bahrain and they are available at most major pharmacies.

Do you need a prescription to get contraceptives in Bahrain?

Some pharmacists in Bahrain may ask for a prescription, while others don't. To stay on the side of caution, it's best to bring a doctor's prescription when purchasing contraceptives at a pharmacy.

We also recommend consulting with a doctor first before getting on the pill, to stay clued-up on any potential health risks.

As Bahrain is a conservative country in the Middle East, sex outside of marriage is prohibited and thus unmarried women are not allowed to buy contraceptive pills at pharmacies. Some pharmacists may ask for a marriage certificate as well, even if you are married.

However, again, there are some women who have reportedly been able to purchase contraceptive pills over-the-counter without presenting a prescription or marriage certificate. Not all pharmacists in Bahrain may allow the same.

Birth control pills in Bahrain

Other types of contraceptives available in Bahrain

You can also opt for other forms of birth control while in Bahrain such as male condoms and an Intrauterine device (IUD).

To get IUD, you must consult with a doctor at any private hospital in the kingdom. Male condoms can be purchased at supermarkets, grocery stores, and pharmacies.

Is the morning-after pill available in Bahrain?

The morning-after pill, or emergency contraceptive pill, is not available in Bahrain.