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Tap-and-Pay Service Launched in Bahrain

EasyPay is a contactless payment service allowing customers to pay for purchases with their phone. Find out more about it here...

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15 January 2017

Last updated on 2 August 2017
Tap-and-Pay Service Launched in Bahrain

EasyPay, a cardless mobile payment service, has officially launched in Bahrain. It’s the first of its kind in the country and it’s available for everyone 14 years old or older.

EasyPay service

EasyPay uses secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tags that allows customers to pay by tapping and authorising the transaction through their mobile phones for purchases at participating merchants. 

There are currently 30 leading brands that registered to offer this service to customers, including Costa coffee shops and Jawad supermarkets, and that number is expected to grow quickly.

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In order for you to subscribe, you need to register for an Ithmaar Bank prepaid eCard. You can do so at at the Batelco shop in Seef Mall (Manama) or any Ithmaar Bank branch. Free NFC tags will be given for first time subscribers. Note that customers will be charged BD0.300 fees per month.

You can top up by loggin into the Ithmaar Bank website here or by using any local debit card. The service was launched by Batelco, the country’s leading digital services provider, in partnership with Ithmaar Bank and Arab Financial Services (AFS).