Traffic Fines in Bahrain |

Traffic Fines in Bahrain

Checking and paying your Bahrain traffic fines online is easy, just log on and enter your details and you're on your way.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 8 September 2019
Traffic Fines in Bahrain

Everything you need to know about Bahrain traffic fines

Bahrain has a wonderful Government portal that enables customers to pay for anything online, including their traffic fines. We have an easy guide here to explain how these services can be paid. Bahraini residents can also check their vehicle fines status.

Required documents for paying traffic fines in Bahrain

Full list of documents you need when paying your Bahrain traffic fines

  • Identity type (personal number/Commercial Registration number)
  • Identity Card number
  • Identity Card expiry date
  • Block number

It is important to note that the individual paying must be registered in the eKey.

You can pay by credit card or debit card. Service fees will also be applied.

How to pay Bahrain traffic fines

To pay the traffic fines you have received while residing in Bahrain, you can pay them online via the eGovernment Portal by following these steps:

1. Go to their website

The General Directorate Of Traffic dedicated a platform for individuals, businesses, and governmental entities in Bahrain to pay their bills.

Visit the official website here and click on the Individuals tab.

Click on Services by Category below the search bar, and scroll down to select Transport and Traffic. From the list, pick Payment of Traffic Contraventions.

2. Payment of traffic contraventions

Click on the red button: Launch Service.

3. Enter your details

Fill in the Vehicle Owner Details and submit.

Pay your traffic fines

Select the contravention(s) you wish to pay for and select Proceed with Payment to continue. Pay using your credit or debit card. It's recommended to keep a copy of proof of payment by printing the payment receipt.

Traffic Fines in Bahrain

In addition, individuals, businesses, and government entities in Bahrain can pay their traffic fines via the following channels:

  • eGovernment Kiosks located in Isa Town, Muharraq (Muharraq Seef Mall), and Salman Port (for non-Bahrainis)
  • Mobile app eTraffic from the eGovernment Authority Bahrain, available on the App Store and on Google Play
  • In person at the General Directorate Of Traffic's centre located in Manama. The service is available from Sunday to Thursday (7 AM - 6 PM)