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Bahrain Employment Visa For Expats

Learn how to process your employment visa for working in Bahrain.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 19 June 2017
Bahrain Employment Visa For Expats

Almost 99% of transactions with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority are now done online. These applications are routed through the Expat Management System to the LMRA, the CIO and then the GDNPR. And 96% of the applications are completed within 10 working days.

  • Issue, renew work visas and regulate transfer of workers from one employer to another.

  • Coordinate with relevant authorities to issue residence permit, entry, re-entry visas and IDs for the foreign workers and their family members.

  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Health to fix medical examination dates and issue health certificate to ensure fitness and freedom from contagious diseases.

Before arrival to the Kingdom of Bahrain:

Check your work visa status through the LMRA website's eServices by entering your work visa ID in the specified field.

Ensure that you have the following documents:

  • Your original passport

  • A copy of the work visa issued by LMRA

  • A copy of the employment contract

  • Marriage Certificate or Contract (in case of bringing family members)

  • Driving License (if any)

  • Academic and experience certificates (if any)

You may conduct the medical examination in your own country before travelling to Bahrain. For a list of authorized medical centres, visit:

Upon arrival at the Kingdom of Bahrain:

Approach LMRA offices, which are located in all of the Kingdom’s ports and present your work visa and passport, LMRA will coordinate with relevant authorities to issue you an ID Card, a residence permit and will make an appointment for a medical examination.

You should provide LMRA with your fingerprints, photo and an e-signature.

If you do not submit these on the day of your arrival, you must visit LMRA and submit them within one month from arrival.

Important Notice: In case of bringing your family members as dependents, you should all arrive together or they can come afterwards, but not before you. Each family member should have a separate passport.

After entrance into the Kingdom of Bahrain:

Observe the following to avoid any legal liability and to ensure a valid and continuous stay:

  • Only conduct work that is specified in your contract. Work only with the employer you are licensed with and work only at your employer’s premises as stated on the work visa.

  • Cooperate with LMRA employees and inspectors.

  • Keep your passport. Do not give it to anyone. Have it with you at all times, unless you are willing to keep it with your employer.

  • Complete your duties as per contract.

  • DO NOT pay any money to obtain a work visa or to change your employer.

  • Follow the laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain and respect the traditions and customs of the people of Bahrain.

  • Do not miss work for more 15 days without the employer’s permission.

  • Any labour problems with your employer, contact the Ministry of Labour (Phone: 17873777)

  • Do not work without issuing or renewing a work visa issued by LMRA.

For more information call LMRA Call Centre 17 50 60 55 or visit LMRA website

Mobile Services

You can use our mobile services to know what is your visa status. Send the word “CPR” with your CPR No. like this CPR xxxxxxxx to: Batelco 90168 - Zain 77070.

Expat Portal

You can use the Expat Portal to check the status of your visa.

Login to the Expat Portal using your CPR number and the expiry date of your passport at:

Mobility from one employer to another

In line with clause B of article 25 from decree no. 19 for 2006, the foreign worker has the right -without the consent of the employer- to move from one employer to another without breaching the rights of the employer as per the articles of the law or the clauses of the employment contract between the two sides.

Firstly: During the validation of the Work Visa:

When the worker desires to move from his employer before the expiry or cancellation of his work visa, he should notify his employer in a registered letter with a notice of receipt, within the agreed period of notice mentioned in the contract or as per the law, not exceeding 3 months from the date of the intended move.

The new employer has to apply to the Authority for a new work visa for the worker wishing to move to him as per the decision 76 for 2008, the application must include a copy of the notice to the previous employer and evidence of receipt of the same notice.

Secondly: in case of the expiry or termination of Work Visa:

If the work visa is expiring or cancelled by the employer for any reason, the worker has to inform the Authority of his intent for mobility in advance, at least 30 days before the expiration or 5 days from the notice of his cancellation by the employer. In this case the worker is granted 30 days grace period to move to the other employer and during this period he may not conduct in any form of employment.

For more information visit: