How To Make Friends In Bahrain |

How To Make Friends In Bahrain

How to meet new people, make new friends and start new activities- our expert expat guide to making friends in a new country.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 19 June 2017
How To Make Friends In Bahrain

We quite often have threads on our forum talking about how hard it is to make friends… here we have some top tips on how to find yourself a social circle.

Coffee Mornings
If you’re nervous have some topics of conversation ready - ask people why they moved to Bahrain, how long they’ve been here, for advice and tips they can pass on to you for settling in and you’ll soon find the conversation flowing. Be brave and admit you’re lonely or missing your friends and family- you’ll find so many people feel exactly the same! If you click with someone why don’t you suggest meeting up again or swapping numbers to keep in touch. You have to be proactive to start to grow your social circle. Take me to the Forum >>

Social Groups
There is a social group for near on everything in Bahrain and meeting people with similar hobbies and interests is a great way to make new friends. There is everything available from country groups to sporting teams and everything in between. Be brave and go along- if you don’t like it you can always leave! Better to have tried than to have stayed at home being lonely.

Check out our big list of clubs and societies Click Here >>

Charity Work & Volunteering
There are some very worthwhile causes in Bahrain that could need a helping hand from you. You can volunteer your time and expertise helping a cause that is near and dear to you. There’s everything from general volunteering opportunities through to specific causes including the local animal shelters and helping kids with special needs and so much more.

Find out more about local charities and support groups, Click Here >>

Community Events
Keep an eye our for family fun days or craft fairs for you to join in with, quite often advertised on the notice boards in your local supermarkets. We have charity and community events listed in the Community section on our events page too. Click Here >>

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Be Open
We often hear stories of people making firm friends in the most unlikely of situations! It could be by the garbage chute when you’re in your pyjamas! Bahrain can seem like an unfriendly place sometimes but maybe by you smiling or saying a cheery hello you may brighten up someone else’s day and strike up a conversation.

So many people have made friends in the supermarket, coffee shop or at the school gates just from smiling. It often appears people in Bahrain are in the own little bubble but maybe they are feeling just as lonely as you and are putting a brave front on it.

Don't Worry!
If you are feeling a bit out of sorts don't worry! It's completely normal feeling to have as an expat. You've been removed from everything that is familiar to you- country, family and friends so you are going to feel a bit wobbly! It's perfectly natural. Most of us have had friendships in the past that have evolved over long periods of time from school, university, our home town and work and now you have to start all over again whether you're single or in a family situation. To keep you connected make sure you are keeping in touch with your loved ones at home- Skype is such a great way to see the people you miss. If you are feeling home sick don't beat yourself up about it- have a little wallow, then pull your socks up and try something new!

EW's Top 10 Tips

1. Swap numbers- so many people meet someone that could have been best friends but didn't swap numbers!
2. You take the lead- sometimes people are just waiting for someone else to make the first move- so you take the plunge and organise something be it a simple supper or a shopping trip.
3. Say "Yes!" to invites- it might not be something you would usually go to but you just never know- you may enjoy it and meet new people- you can always make an excuse and leave if you don't like!
4. Google is your friend- if you're into something get googling- there's bound to be a group for it in Bahrain!
5. If you are naturally shy plan some conversation starters before you go to somewhere new so you don't get lost for words.
6. Join in, sign up- find a group or club related to something you are into and make sure you go!
7. Come to one of our coffee mornings- they are such a fabulous spring board into social life!
8. Smile- you never know how you might cheer someone's day up!
9. Don't be afraid to admit you are lonely- most people are here are without friends and family- you are not alone in feeling like that.
10. Don't get disheartened if you get knocked back- those people weren't meant to be your friends- ever onwards!