Top 18 Best Voted Countries For Expats To Live In |

Top 18 Best Voted Countries For Expats To Live In

Expats around the world have voted for these 18 countries to be the best location to build their lives in and you wont guess the first

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10 October 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
Best Voted Countries

It’s not rare to pack up your stuff and move across the world in hopes of a better life, better opportunities and overall happiness.

And these people are referred to as expats – people who leave their home for new and better opportunities abroad.

Whether it’s for a job, for your children or for the search of happiness, choosing where to move to is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make in your lifetime.

Various weights can help you make a decision – is it safe? Is it comfortable? Is it expensive? Is it friendly? Are there other expats? What’s the culture there like? And many more.

But a perk to this decision is that lots of expats have already moved to a plethora of countries around the world and have already provided you with the information you need.

18,000 expats living in 68 countries who have made the move have voted for these 18 countries to be the best in terms of:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Making new friends
  • Raising a family

While moving to a new country can be daunting – new environment, new friends, new job etc… moving to a new place is still an exciting adventure to embark on.

18. Thailand


A beautiful country to move to, many expats choose Thailand as a retirement country, but some are worried about the country’s political stability.

17. Malaysia


Cost of living in Malaysia is low and attracts lots of expats, but some are worried about personal safety.

16. The Netherlands


Work-life balance is perfect for expats in the Netherlands, but some say it’s hard to find friends here.

15. Luxembourg


Peaceful, politically and economically stable make Luxembourg attractive to expats, but some say life here can be expensive.

14. Vietnam


You don’t need to earn much to cover your expenses while living in Vietnam, but some say that transportation is difficult.

13. Panama


Panama’s income rate makes it easy to handle your finances while living here, but some say that it can get a bit pricey for leisure activities.

12. Australia


An optimal location for expats seeking a balanced work-life in Australia, but some say that the country is expensive.

11. New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is easy of English-speaking expats and is a good location for work and family life, but some say that life here can be expensive.

10. Czech Republic

Czech Republic

An optimal location for expats who like to travel around Europe and education for children is very affordable in the Czech Republic, but some say that the language barrier was a problem.

9. Colombia


Earning and covering your expenses in Colombia is enough for you to live here, but some say it was hard to make friends here.

8. Spain


The weather, healthcare and friendliness is what makes Spain popular with the expats, but some say that the economy and job security is worrying.

7. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

With lots of leisure activities, expats never get bored in Costa Rice, but some say that career prospect isn’t great here.

6. Portugal


Expats love the climate, ability to settle down and culture of Portugal, but some say that the career opportunities aren’t great here.

5. Singapore


Job opportunities and safety are what attracts expats to Singapore, but some say it is expensive to live here.

4. Mexico


Expats who live in Mexico report being happy with the country and ability to make friends, but some say that safety was a concern of theirs.

3. Ecuador


Expats reported that making friends is very easy in Ecuador, but the education quality for children was a concern.

2. Taiwan


Healthcare is of quality and affordable in Taiwan and is very safe, but some say that the language barrier was challenging for them here.

1. Bahrain


Taking the title home is Bahrain – where 81% of expats said the country is very easy to live in and it has great career opportunities, is safe and economically secure, but some say that the local culture might take time to adjust to.