Guide to Public Parks in Bahrain |

Guide to Public Parks in Bahrain

A park is a great place to go and relax, bond with family, exercise and barbecue. Here's a list of parks in the Bahrain to enjoy.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 24 September 2017
Guide to Public Parks in Bahrain

Traditionally, going to the park has always been a relaxing thing to do, no matter where you are from. People can go to the park on their own for a little bit of outdoor quiet time, or you can go with a loved one or the whole family for a multitude of reasons, including a plain walk, to sit and talk, to play a game of checkers or to have a picnic. It is no different in Bahrain.


In the Middle East, parks are popular with both expats and locals for a number of different reasons. Some which are shared and some that are not. In many western countries, parks are a great place to take your dog out for some exercise. However, in Bahrain, the parks may not allow dogs, so just double check before you traipse off into the park with your fluffy pooch.


In Bahrain, parks are used for all sorts of recreational activities. You can go to the park to read and gain some introspect over the weekend. This is a particularly good activity for those that lead busy and stressful lives, meditating in a park can also be of help to relieve stress. Parks are also a great place to exercise, you can run, cycle (check that they have a bicycle lane first), do yoga, do free training like sit ups, pushups, squats and lunges.

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Some families like to go to the park together and bond. It really is for the whole family. The very little ones can play imagination games while the older ones can run around. The adults can barbeque or have a picnic and watch their children play, or hold conversations and get to know about each other’s day. The family can also play board games together, such as uno or checkers or even chess.

Here is a list of public parks in Bahrain

1. Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park


Khalifa Park
Mark Anthony Sarmiento/Flickr


  • Open air skate park
  • A lake, restaurants, shopping areas and seating areas
  • A kids play area as well as rides and a game room 
  • Pedal boats and bicycles available for rent

2. Dohat Arad Park

Khalifa Al Khabeer Highway, Muharraq

Dohat Arad Park
Photo: Fuad Al Ansari/Flickr


  • Views of the water
  • The bay, which is a safe haven for migrant birds, shrimps and rare marine life
  • Great for jogging
  • Kids play area and shaded benches
  • Restaurants

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3. Al Kubra Garden


Al Kubra Garden


  • A kids play area
  • A football pitch and a volleyball court
  • Security and public toilets

4. Andalus Garden


Andalus garden

  • A tennis court
  • Plenty of seating
  • Big lawn space for picnics or exercising

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5. Budaiya Botanical Garden


Budaiya botanical garden


  • Palm trees, aromatic plants, wild plants and flowers
  • Park benches
  • Food stalls 
  • Outdoor farmers market from December until April

6. Budaiya Park


Budaiya Park
Photo: Ahmad Azaharuddin Omar/Flickr

  • Laws, paved walkways and benches
  • A playground and fountains
  • Public beach