Bahrain Named 2017's Best Destination For Expats |

Bahrain Named 2017's Best Destination For Expats

From 19th place to first, Bahrain is the best destination for expats according to expats

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13 September 2017

Last updated on 14 September 2017
Bahrain Named 2017's Best Destination For Expats

Expats have spoken and Bahrain is listening, and taking action. Last year, in the InterNations Expat Insider 2017, Bahrain barely made it into the top 20, coming in at 19th place as the best country for expats to live in.

This year the country has made huge strides across the leader board and was announced the best destination for expats.

Every year InterNations conducts an 'Expat Insider study' to measure the happiness of expats by looking at more than 40 individual factors. These factors include settling in, career and work, family life, economy and personal finances to name a few.

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Expats voted that Bahrain is very friendly and welcoming to foreigners (first place), a good place to raise a family (tenth place) and a good country to work in (third place).

It was also noticed that it is easy to live in Bahrain without learning the local language as most people speak English. These statistics are especially impressive considering that a third of the respondents have never lived abroad before.

Of the total participants, 32% of expats said that they would stay in Bahrain for more than five years and an additional 11% said that they might settle down, and stay there forever.

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If you were wondering whether or not to move to Bahrain, here is your answer. Although expats aren’t too optimistic about the country’s economy, it is still a great place to build a career, settle down and start a family.