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Airport in Bahrain

If you’re flying and taking an electronic device with you ensure that it is charged before getting to the airport.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Airport in Bahrain

As part of increased security at certain airports, and for passengers travelling to certain destinations, security personnel may require passengers to turn on their electronic devices including mobile phones, lap top computers, tablets and e-readers among others. If the devices do not have power, they will not be allowed on the aircraft and will be couriered to the passenger’s destination, at their expense.

Electronic devices

Airports and destinations where checks will take place remain unconfirmed by officials. This means that all passengers should be prepared to have their mobile phones checked by security staff at the security check area, and at the gate. The checks will be random.

Passengers will be informed of the new regulations at the check in desk and they will be given ample opportunity to either stow their electronic devices into their hold luggage or to retrieve a charger from their hold luggage.
We recommend that you ensure that your electronic devices are fully charged before you depart for the airport. Always carry a charger in your hand luggage. Bigger airlines aircraft have USB and plug points in every seat making charging your phone easier.

Plug points can be found at airports around the world, you may have to carry an adapter plug with you. If you find yourself with an uncharged phone see if there is an electronics retailer nearby that will allow you to use one of their chargers to give your mobile phone a bit of battery life. Many airports have charging stations installed with power cables that fit all the mayor smartphone brands.

How you can conserve your mobile phone battery    

  • If you own a smartphone turn it to “Airplane mode” when charging, your phone will charge faster.

  • Turn your cellular data off and use only Wifi, if you’re in an area with Wifi. Your battery will last twice as long.

  • If you turn your wifi and cellular data off, your phone battery life will be extended considerably.

  • Avoid playing games on your mobile phone.

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Bahrain Airport

Bahrain International Airport (IATA: BAH), in Muharraq just east of Manama, is the main base for Gulf Air and has excellent connections throughout the region and London.

Bahrain Airport Company (BAC) has been successfully managing and operating the Bahrain International Airport since 2008. Through the provision of world-class Facilities, operational and commercial excellence, BAC has been attracting and supporting airlines, delivering great passenger and cargo services. With a clear vision of sustaining and building Bahrain International Airport’s Position as an attractive hub for airlines and passengers alike BAC spearheads towards the future connecting Bahrain to the rest of the world.

Bahrain International Airport uses the airport code BAH and while it does see some tourists and business travellers disembarking, the airport also acts as a major Middle Eastern hub, mainly for the carrier Gulf Air. The airport has great transit facilities and services to ensure the comfort of passengers. The airport also has free Wi-Fi facilities throughout so that passengers can get in touch with family and friends or do some last minute business before their flight or during transit.

The airport also has a number of Duty free shops that sell everything from designer gear to books and sweets. There is also a pharmacy where you can get last minute toiletries. Remember that if you are travelling to the kingdom there are some duty free restrictions that must be adhered to.

Duty free allowances:
Any travelers of 18 years of age and above are permitted to import the following duty free items with them into the Kingdom of Bahrain:
Alcoholic liquor not exceeding 01 liter and 06 cans of beer.
Cigarettes not exceeding (400) cigarettes in quantity or (50) Cigars or (250) grams of tobacco in open packets.
08 oz of Perfume
Personal gifts and effects whose value does not exceed BD 250 and which are not subject to Customs duty.
It is important to know which substances or items are illegal or restricted before entering the Kingdom.

Driving to the Airport
Picking up or dropping off a family member, friend or colleague is quick and convenient.

Take the stress out of travelling to the airport. Drive to Bahrain International Airport in the comfort of your own car and park right in front of the departure areas for total convenience.
• Our Car Parks are located directly opposite the terminals for fast access to both check-in and arrivals.
• Our Long Term Parking area offers great rates for travelers leaving for extended periods - from 1 day or longer and this section is a short shuttle ride to the terminal. This is available 24/7 for your satisfaction.

Passengers arriving at the airport by car may be dropped off with their luggage at the front of the terminal at the departures level. A similar pick-up lane for arriving passengers also runs through the front of the terminal building's arrival level.
• Drivers are requested not to park at the curb whilst seeing off passengers. This is due to the security measures in place at Bahrain International Airport which do not permit cars to park at the terminal curbside.
• Once passengers and their luggage has been picked up or dropped off, drivers are urged to leave immediately to allow smooth flow of traffic.

Bahrain International Airport's passenger pick-up area is located in front of the Arrivals Exit doors.
The pick-up lane at arrivals is managed by an automated ticket system and parking is not permitted. The following charges apply:
Pick-Up & Exit Lane Penalty Charges
Duration Rate(BHD)
1st – 15th minute Free
16th – 60th minute BD 1.000
2nd hour (Any part of the hour after the first hour will be charged as one hour) BD 5.000 per hour
• Bahrain Airport Company has the right to tow away any vehicle caught violating the Terms & Conditions and levy an additional penalty of BD 25.000 for towing and a daily tariff of BD1.000 per day for parking the vehicle.
• Bahrain Airport Company will not be held liable for any damages to towed vehicle.

Visa to get into the country:

Citizens of the following countries can obtain 14-day visa at all border stations and airports. The fee is 5 dinar or $13.

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brunei, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland (3 months), Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom (3 months), United States, Vatican City.

You can also apply in advance online for an eVisa, However this is strictly limited to citizens of certain 'VISA NATIONS. It costs BD 7.
The benefit of this is somewhat unclear though, as those eligible for eVisas can also get visas on arrival; however, possessing an eVisa will likely allow you to get through Customs faster, as one wouldn't need to obtain the visa at the port of entry.