Mail Delivery in Bahrain |

Mail Delivery in Bahrain

Bahrain Postal System: Mail delivery is done through the Bahrain post, the main office is in Muharraq.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Mail Delivery in Bahrain

Mail Delivary Bahrain

Bahrain Post office:
Muharraq Post Office
Building 138, Road 1535,
Block 215,
Area Al Hala;
Tel No: +973 17343996

Working Hours:
Sat, Mon, Wed: 07:00–14:00 and 16:00-18:00
Sun, Tues, Thu: 07:00-14:00
Fri : Non-Working Day

The government organization responsible for mail delivery in the Kingdom is Bahrain Post. It is part of the ministry of transportation. Bahrain Post provides full postal services such as local/international mail as well as additional services such as renewal of driving licenses, car registration, and vehicle insurance.

The Central Post Office is situated in Manama opposite Bab AI Bahrain. There are several branches of the post office spread throughout the island.

Most of Bahrain's mail is delivered to private boxes which are available at the main post offices. Home deliveries are also made directly to the location address of your Office or residence as long as the building number, road number, and block number are clearly displayed on the envelope.

To obtain a new PO Box, you must visit a post office and fill out the relevant forms. Make sure to bring all ID documentation.

Bahrain Post offers citizens and business the use of mailboxes on an annual bases for a nominal fee. Customers of the mailbox can rent a mailbox at any of the designated post offices across the country for a fee of BD 15 per year. This service will enable the customers to renew and pay their annual fees online.

You can find all Bahrain Post information including tracking packages on the e-portal by clicking here>>