Mum Groups in Bahrain |

Mum Groups in Bahrain

There are a few mums groups and women's association that meet up in Bahrain, it is a great way to socialise and meet new people.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 2 August 2017
Mum Groups in Bahrain

Wherever there are expats, there are also mum’s groups that bring together the wives of expats who will arrange playdates with their children and bond over copious cups of coffee. The groups form an intergral part of expat life as they help with adjusting to life and quell loneliness. Furthermore the women rely on each other for information, advice and friendship in general. Due to the transient nature of expats the mum’s groups always have members who come and go so it becomes a place to make new friends and say goodbye to the ones who may be leaving the Middle East.

Here is a list of mum’s groups in Bahrain:

Mums in Bahrain
Mums in Bahrain is a community for parents, both expat and local, and supports everyone to get the most out of family life here in Bahrain. MIB helps new arrivals to Bahrain to settle in, and supports all cultures, religions and traditions.


Moms in the Middle East
Moms Middle East is an inspiring moms’ group where you can connect, post your concerns, ask questions, exchange ideas, recommend products/services, read interesting articles and discuss any topic that comes to mind from Relationships, Parenting and Education, to Food, Health, Beauty, Homemaking and more…


American Woman’s Association
The American Women’s Association in Bahrain has been a social and charitable group since 1974. We currently have over 250 members of all nationalities. While it is helpful in settling in new expat women in Bahrain, we have a very active membership that participates in different interest groups, as well as a band of volunteers who help us make our charitable contributions to more than 30 non-profit organizations and individuals in Bahrain each year.


NAVYForMoms was created for the mothers (and loved ones) of those who are currently serving or considering serving in the U.S. Navy. The site gives members a place to discuss issues with others who share common concerns. Here, content is member-driven. Questions are asked and answered. Moms share with fellow moms their fears, dreams and personal experiences. The ultimate goal is to provide an environment of understanding, comfort and belonging to all involved.