Pets and Vets in Bahrain |

Pets and Vets in Bahrain

Many expats have pets in the Kingdom of Bahrain, we have a guide to pet relocation, boarding and veterinary clinics.

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27 August 2013

Last updated on 18 January 2018
Pets and Vets in Bahrain

People around the world have, love and care for animals of different kinds. And while traditionally pets are considered to be of the furry kind, many people also keep farm animals, reptiles and birds in their gardens and homes. People living in Bahrain are no different and many have pets of all kinds that they care for in the Kingdom. Accordingly there are services available around Bahrain to assist people with a variety of animals and their care, kennelling as well as fostering and animal shelters.

If you are moving to Bahrain with your pet, or are planning on adopting or buying a pet in Bahrain we have some handy advice to take into consideration when relocating, owning or buying an animal here.

In Bahrain, like in any country, there are people who are not very affectionate towards dogs, so when you are taking your pooch out for a stroll, keep him/her on a leash and away from people. Remember if someone wants to pet your dog they will approach the animal and not the other way around. There are also many people who are afraid of bigger dogs and will avoid them. Do not be offended by this behaviour.

If you want to keep an animal in your house, ensure that this is okay with your landlords. Many expat compounds and areas have no problems with tenants keeping cats, dogs and birds in their homes. Also ensure that you will be able to care for the pet to the best of your ability. Shelters are inundated with dogs and cats, and other animals during summer when many people go on an extended vacation or leave the Kingdom altogether. Hence if you decide to keep a pet, please ensure that you will be able to care for it fully, keep up with vet bills, provide it with shelter and food and arrange for kennelling when you are away.


Bahrain does not quarantine healthy animals when importing them from other countries. However there are a few requirements that pet owners will have to follow in order to bring their pets over from their home country. Many relocation services around the world also offer pet relocations as part of their package and there are companies that specialise in pet relocations. All in all there are many avenues that an expat can take when importing their pet into the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Bringing your pet to Bahrain

Doha Vets have the following advice on importing pets into Bahrain. For more information click here>>

The following criteria must be met in order to bring a domestic pet into Bahrain: 

1. Dogs must have the following vaccinations:

Canine distemper

2. Puppies younger than two months must have all of the above vaccinations;
additionally, they must be revaccinated two to four weeks later and prior to shipment.

3. Cats must have the rabies and tri-cat vaccines. Kittens younger than two months must
have all of the above vaccinations; additionally, they must be revaccinated two to four
weeks later and prior to shipment.

4. The most recent vaccination must have been administered not less than one month but
not more than six months before the pet’s arrival in Bahrain.

5. All vaccinations must be recorded in a vaccination booklet.

6. All pets must be kept in secure and comfortable cages or boxes clearly labelled with the
owner’s name and address.

7. Any failure on the part of the owner to follow these steps will result in his/her sole
responsibility for the pet’s health.

8. To obtain an import permit, the owner must complete and sign the attached request
form and send it to the Veterinary Quarantine Division in Bahrain (fax# +973-17-

9. Please have the completed request form and your pet’s vaccination/health certificate
with you upon arrival in Bahrain.

10. Please note: All dogs and cats imported from the United States and Canada will
be quarantined for up to 30 days even if they have the necessary vaccinations.

Click here for the form from Doha vets

While many relocations companies will assist with pet relocations there is on Bahraini company that specialises in pet relocations.

Delmon pet relocations

Delmon Pets Relocators

Delmon Pets Relocators is an accredited member of IPATA (International Pet & Animal Transport Association) which provides a wealth of like minded and resourceful pet relocator contacts from around the world.

P.O. Box 18225, Manama, Bahrain
Phone/Fax: +973 17694066
Mobile: +973 39717609 / 39729868
Email: [email protected]


Dr Nonie Coutts

Nonie Coutts Veterinary Surgery

Dr. Nonie Coutts operates two clinics, one main clinic where all surgery is performed in Adliya, and one purely for consultations in Saar.

Tel: +973 17231242 
Adliya: +973 17 245515
Saar: +973 17 691397
Email: [email protected]

Fur and Feathers Bahrain

Fur and Feathers Bahrain is a registered pet service and relocation company.

Email: [email protected]
Contact: Inge Michiels
Mobile: +973 37774911
Animal Care clinic

Animal Care Clinic

“At Animal Care Clinic we provide our patients the high quality veterinary care that we expect for our own pets. Your pet’s health and happiness is what matters most and that is why we strive to take the best care of each pet that comes in our door.”

Al Hamalah
Tel: +973 17612459
Email: [email protected]

Jassim Veterinary Center
Tel: +973 17231242

Pet Boarding

Delmon kennels

Delmon Kennels & Cattery

Established in March 2005, Delmon Boarding Kennels offer an extensive recreational boarding facility for dogs and cats; the only one of its type in Bahrain. The kennels, cattery and administration buildings are located in the agricultural area of Barbar and enclosed by a high wall. The facility is 9,000 m2 and offers ample room for exercise, play and agility.

Tel: +973-17694066
Email: [email protected]

Saar Kennels
Tel: +973 17792064