Bahrain Launches WhatsApp Service That Will Answer COVID Questions |

This WhatsApp Service Will Answer All Your COVID Questions

Bahrain launches a 24-hour WhatsApp chatbot that will answer all your questions about COVID-19

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15 July 2020

Last updated on 15 July 2020
This WhatsApp Service Will Answer All Your COVID Questions

This FREE service will promptly respond to your Coronavirus-related questions.

As a semblance of civic normality slowly returns to Bahrain, the country has launched a WhatsApp chat feature that will provide you with information about COVID-19.

The new service involves a chatbot that will immediately answer questions you may have about the Coronavirus. It is a software programme that stimulates regular conversation via text or voice.

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Available 24/7 countrywide, the WhatsApp chatbot service can also provide you with updates on this highly contagious pandemic, oficial announcements, and the relevant decisions made by authorities to combat the virus in the kingdom.

How to use the WhatsApp service

To use this round-the-clock feature, simply follow these steps:

  • Download / update WhatsApp on your phone
  • Add the phone number +97332002001 to your contact list
  • Start a new chat with the number and text "hello"
  • The chatbot will then respond and you can begin asking questions.
  • At the time of publishing, Bahrain health officials reported a total of 33,476 COVID-19 cases in the country.