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11 Signs You Grew Up in Kuwait

If you've spent your childhood in Kuwait, here are some things you'll probably relate to and bring you down memory lane.

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9 January 2017

Last updated on 21 July 2017
11 Signs You Grew Up in Kuwait

There’s something distinct about growing up in Kuwait that separates it from other GCC countries. If you’ve ever lived there, you’ll likely feel nostalgic as we take you down memory lane! 

1. Your childhood consisted of these treats

All your money of your younger years was spent on these.

Kuwait food

2. You spent a lot of time watching TV

Spacetoon, KTV2 and MBC3 were your best friends!

Takeshi's Castle

3. Getting these mini-fireworks was your absolute favourite thing!

 Basically fun in a box.

Pop pop

4. Marina was “the” spot to be

You can plan all you want, but you always ended up in marina.

Kuwait Marina mall
Photo: Jane Sweeney - allposters.co.uk 

5. You used these as if they were Panadol

We all wanted to feel more like adults...

Kid candy penadol

6. You had your own Disney Land

The real Disney has nothing on this one!

Kuwait Entertainment City
Photo: flickriver.com/photos/j3k2

7. You blamed the weather for all your problems (and probably still do)

Because it’s just too hot.

Make-up melting fom heat

8. Chicken Machboos was part of you regular diet

Who could resist really...

Chicken machboos
Photo: zdistrict.com

9. You used to get excited about an announcement of an incoming sandstorm

Because it meant school will be cancelled.

Kuwait sand storm
Photo: thesidetalk.wordpress.com

10. School trips stopped being exciting after a while…

Because really, how many times can you go to the Scientific Center?

Kuwait Scientific Center
Photo: cityseeker.com

11. National Day celebrations meant spray foam party

Until they were banned of course…

Party spray foam