Starting a Business in Kuwait |

Starting a Business in Kuwait

Find out here the advisable route of starting up a new business.

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 4 July 2017
Starting a Business in Kuwait

It is possible to start up your own business in Kuwait; you are however required to have a Kuwaiti partner, unless you operate from the Free Trade zone, which is in Shuwaikh.

Starting new business in Kuwait

If you have a Kuwaiti partner, the capital owned by them should be not less than 51% of the total capital (or 60% in the case of financial companies). A foreign firm must also operate via a Kuwait agent before performing any commercial activities and they must also not use their own name to acquire commercial licenses or real estate.

The Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry can be contacted on 2243 3864.

Within the free trade zone, 100% foreign ownership of businesses is permitted. There are no import duties and foreign corporate income is tax-free. For more information, the website is or e-mail, [email protected].