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A Guide to Registering Your Car in Kuwait

We've got the how-to's of registering your car in Kuwait.

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30 June 2014

Last updated on 3 January 2018
Registering your Car

Your new car is automatically registered firstly for three years. Thereafter, registration must be renewed annually. To re-register your car after the third year is up, your insurance must first be renewed and then the car taken in for testing. Of course, third party vehicle insurance is compulsory and costs KD19 a year, and comprehensive insurance is also available.

The receipt issued by your insurance company and your log book, also known as a 'daftar', must be taken with the car to a testing station at a Traffic Department in the governorate in which you, the car owner, lives. These station's are called 'muroor', and are located in Shuwaikh, Jabriya, Farwaniyah, Ahmadi and Jahra. These tests generally do not involve a great deal of effort or trouble, and thus if your car is deemed roadworthy, the insurance receipt is tamped. 

Inside the muroor, KD5 must be paid for a revenue stamp, which the cashier puts on the insurance receipt. A check is then made to see whether there are any outstanding fines on the car, for instance for speeding etc... If no fines are due, the insurance receipt is tamped again. 

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If you have any fines that are due payment, a paper will be issued which must then be used to pay the fines to the cashier. The cashier will then stamp that piece of paper, and then should be taken back to receive a further stamp on your insurance receipt. 

Finally, your stamped insurance receipt and old daftar can then be exchanged for a new log book.