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8 Kuwaiti Women You NEED to Follow on Instagram

If you aren't already following these accounts, you're missing out on some real Kuwaiti talent!

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23 March 2017

Last updated on 26 March 2017
8 Kuwaiti Women You NEED to Follow on Instagram
Social media has been very prominent in Kuwait, with influencers having on impact on the latest trends in the country.

According to a survey by technology experts and engineers Bassam Al Shemmari and Ahmad Safar, 72 per cent of Kuwaitis spend more than five hours a day on social media.

With so many accounts out there, it’s sometimes hard to keep up. So here are some great women you should be following on Instagram.

1. Ascia AKF

An entrepreneur and co-founder of a fashion blog.


A post shared by Ascia AKF (@ascia_akf) on

2. Noha Nabil

Engineer by degree, but works as a TV presenter.


A post shared by Noha Nabil (@nohastyleicon) on

3. Fouz Al Fahad

Writer and make-up artist.


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4. Dana Al Tuwarish

Influencer who loves to share her passion for fashion and lifestyle.


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5. Bibi Alabdulmohsen

Model who started off her career at a telecommunications company.


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6. Dalal Al Doub

Fashion and beauty blogger.

7. Sondos Alqattan

Makeup Artist.


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8. Dima Soufi

Architect and photographer.