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Kuwait Might Send Back 1.5 Million Expats By 2025

Kuwait is considering reducing the number of expats in the country

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20 November 2018

Last updated on 20 November 2018

For all the expats who currently reside in Kuwait, we’ve got some troubling news

News of Kuwait considering reducing its expat number by 1.5 million in the next 7 years was published on Monday.

The government of Kuwait might be reducing the expat percentage in the country by 25% when the year turns 2025.

The reason behind this was said to achieve a homeostasis with nationals and expats in Kuwait – basically balancing out the demographics of nationalities in the country.

The decision is being considered after the proposal of a national committee to be set in place that will be dedicated to managing the demographic in Kuwait.

So much so that it might have the power to balance the population of 50% Kuwaitis and 50% expats – which means that 1.5 million expats might have to leave the country.

This need for a demographic balance is said to be needed in Kuwait as the population is expected to grow by 1.7 million within the next 7 years – however, Kuwait is considering reducing the number of expats by then.

By 2025, Kuwait aims to reach a demographic balance by:

  • 10% of expat government employee to be replaced by Kuwaitis
  • 5% of Kuwaitis will replace expats in the private sector

Kuwait currently has 1.4 million nationals and 3.2 million expats in the country, according to the Public Authority for Civil Authority and aims to achieve a demographic balance by 2025.

The plan set in place was also specific in the nationality of expats they are considering reducing – at least 600,000 Indians and 300,000 Egyptians will be among the nationalities to be sent home because they make up the largest expat demographics in Kuwait.

However, the proposed demographic plan does not specify the standing status of stateless people, Bedouins and domestic helpers – which make up a reasonable large community in Kuwait.