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A Sunken Ship Was Retrieved In Kuwait

The sunken wooden ship was lifted by professional divers from the south of Kuwait Bay

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2 October 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
Sunken Ship

A real life movie story happened in Kuwait on Sunday, when a hidden treasure was discovered in Kuwait’s waters.

A 25-meter long wooden ship was lifted and brought back to the port with the help of Professional Kuwaiti divers, volunteers and environment advocates.

Only three other wooden ships, resembling the previously sunken one, were ever made in the Gulf – making this a great discovery to divers in Kuwait.

Divers identified the ship as a Baghlah (meaning mule), which is a traditional Kuwaiti sailing vessel that were used to sail from Kuwati to various destinations – India, East Africa, Aden and Basra.

The rescue team used air bags and water pumps to lift and float the ship to the surface of the water and tow it back for maintenance and reconstruction.

For safety

The efforts to lift the sunken ship were also made to ensure the safety of beach-goers at Kuwait Bay because some of the ship’s parts were dispersing during high tide and could be a threat to some lives.

And the ship also contained fuel and oil remains that could affect the marine environment in the area.