Cost of Living in Kuwait |

Cost of Living in Kuwait

If you're thinking of moving to Kuwait and you're wondering what you expenses will be like, here's an idea.

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15 July 2013

Last updated on 4 July 2017
Cost of Living in Kuwait

Kuwait has the most expensive currency in the world, which makes it a highly sought after destination for expats. It is certainly not a cheap country to live in, however it's still a bit more affordable than its close neighbours in the Gulf, such as the UAE and Qatar. 

In general, products from Kuwait and neighbouring countries represent very good value for money whilst imported goods tend to be very expensive.

Petrol is basically cheaper than water and is just 0.11 KD fils a litre. Cars are also cheaper but electronic items tend to be of similar prices to those in the UK.

Cost of Living Kuwait

Accommodation costs 

Accommodation is one of the highest expenses that expats face in Kuwait. Renting is the way to go here for expats. The prices will vary greatly depending on the neighbourhood and quality of the building and amentities.

However, an unfurnished one bedroom apartment in city centre would average about KD285 per month, while a two bedroom can range between KD300 to KD460 per month. Outside of city centre, those prices would go down to around KD230 for a one-bedroom.

If you're looking for a villa, it would average KD550 to KD700 per month for a two to three bedroom villas. There are also furnished apartments and villas available, but they're likely to be about 25 per center more expensive. 

Utility costs

Water, electricity and gas are cheap compared to many Eurpean and Western countries. All three are owned and subsidised by the government. Air conditioning is part of the electricity bill, so expats need to be wary of their consuption, especially during the hot summer months. 

On average, you're looking at a bill of KD14 per month. Internet will set you back around KD12 a month. 


Most expats tend to drive in Kuwait, especially since the petrol prices are so cheap. However, taxis and buses are available alternatives. The minimum taxi fare in Kuwait is KD1 and each km is also KD1. 

For buses, a one-way ticket is KD0.25 while a monthly bus pass is KD15. 


Food shopping can be reasonable if you purchase local fruits and vegetables, bread, meat, etc. Fish and seafood are also not on the expensive side. However, if you opt for imported food, then it will be pricier. 

Examples of prices include: KD3/kg of beef, 1.60/kg of boneless chicken, KD0.60 for a dozen eggs, KD2 for cheese, 0.50/kg for tomatoes or apples. 

There are many supermarket options in Kuwait. The major grocery stores are Carrefour and Lulu Hypermarket. 


Schooling and after school activities can also put a dent in your wallet. It's considered one of the biggest expenses of life in Kuwait. Try to negotiate school fees into your employment contract if possible. For an idea of school tuition, click here>>

If you chose to be careful with your money, you may be able to save a good percentage of your tax free earnings whilst living in Kuwait.