Guide to Renewing Your Driver’s Licence in Kuwait |

Guide to Renewing Your Driver’s Licence in Kuwait

If your licence is up for renewal, here's some updated information on what documents you need and what the renewal procedure is.

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18 April 2017

Last updated on 20 August 2017
Guide to Renewing Your Driver’s Licence in Kuwait

The process to renew a driver’s licence in Kuwait can be a tad lengthy if you don’t follow the correct procedures. Unfortunately, the information on the Kuwait government’s website is inaccurate as it isn’t regularly updated, so it does not make it easy.

To help make it a smooth process, here’s what you need to do.


First, make sure you have the following documents:

  • Civil ID copy
  • Passport copy (both photo page and visa page)
  • Work permit copy
  • Your company’s notarized signatures
  • Two 6x4 photos with blue background
  • Your licence

Renewal is not possible online, so you’ll need to head to a traffic department. There are some discrepancies on what’s required from one department to another. It’s been reported by some that you have to go to the traffic department where you originally got your first license issued. Others have also stated that they might require a sponsor’s signature and/or Mandub present as well as an eye test.

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These are definitely three things you should check with the location you’re going to before wasting hours waiting just to find out you’re missing something.

Depending on which one you go to, there are certain hours that you can renew your licence as expat, most likely in the afternoon from around 4 to 7 pm. It’s best to verify with the department, but either way, you should get there early as there’s bound to be a long queue.  

Renewing your driver's licence in Kuwait

1. Go to the typist

Typists are usually found near the main entrance. Simply explain to them that you need to renew your licence and hand them your paperwork. They’ll take care of filling out the correct information. You will be charged KD1. If you need to make copies of documents, they will charge you extra. If you’re unsure where to go afterwards, ask them and they should be able to help you.

2. Give your paperwork in at the licence renewal desk

Here they will check if you have any fines. If you do, you’ll need to settle them first, so it’s advised to just take care of this beforehand. If you don’t, then they’ll give you a document stating that.

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3. Get your documents signed by the officer in charge

This is likely where there will be a long wait.

4. Return to the licence renewal desk

You’ll need to hand them all the papers again, then sit and wait for your name to be called. If your licence is already expired, they’ll ask you to pay a KD5 fine. Once you pay it, you’ll have to give them your papers again and wait. When they call your name for the second time, you’ll go to a room to get your photo taken. Afterwards, you’ll just have to wait until they print your licence.