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Culture & lifestyle in Kuwait

Alcohol is forbidden so there are no pubs or nightclubs or big music concerts. However, there is plenty of family entertainment.

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 18 June 2017
Culture & lifestyle in Kuwait

Alcohol is forbidden. Consequently there are no pubs or nightclubs or big music concerts. However, there are plenty of family entertainment options, restaurants, cinemas, cafes and private parties.


The expat community is tight-knit and makes for a very friendly way of life as you will regularly see the same people in a range of locations!

Shopping opportunities are wide-ranging and you can buy almost anything here ranging from cheap plastic gadgets at the 100 fils shops in the souks, to the high-end designer clothes in boutique stores at the Malls.
Eating out is a national past-time. Again you will find restaurants and cafes to suit at both ends of the spectrum. Locally you may find that lunch time is around 3pm with dinner around 10pm and Kuwaiti children may be awake much later than you'd expect.

Beach club membership is very popular in Kuwait. These are an ideal way to meet people and make use of swimming pools, fitness classes, gym, beach and they also have facilities for children. Also there are public beaches run by the Kuwait Touristic Enterprises Company (KTEC), Messila Beach and Egaila Beach which have facilities such as shaded areas with tables, cafes, showers, changing rooms, gardens and play areas for children.

There are many activity groups and sports for the whole family, ranging from ice-skating and water parks to water sports, cinema and ten -pin bowling. There are also many after school activities run by schools and playgroups as well as brownies, cubs and guides.