Internet and Telecommunications In Kuwait |

Internet and Telecommunications In Kuwait

There are a number of internet service providers in Kuwait. Internet access can be very slow and sporadic in Kuwait.

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15 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Internet and Telecommunications In Kuwait

Internet and TelecommunicationsThere are several internet and telecom service providers in Kuwait. The media in Kuwait is among the most outspoken in the Gulf states, journalists self-censor on issues related to royal family. Kuwait is one of the fastest growing ICT markets in the region. Majority of the Kuwaiti population can afford to have Internet services at home, the reason the country has fewer Internet cafes than other Gulf countries.

Here’s a list of major Internet service providers in Kuwait.

FASTtelco has thrived to assume the leading position in the Kuwaiti Telecommunication market. They offer modern infrastructure and constant dedication to providing innovative communication solutions to both the consumer and corporate markets.

Location: Abdullah Al Salem Street

Tel: +965 22256688

Fax: +965 22256679

Email: [email protected]




Gulfnet is Kuwait’s Premier Internet and Online Data Services provider that offers high-speed, reliable, and any-to-any communications solutions in addition to a host of diversified, value added services.

Tel: +965 1816666




A pioneer in wireless broadband data communications since 1980s, Mada Communications offers Internet and intranet communication services, and wireless broadband in line with today’s wireless advanced technologies.

Tel: +965 1822888




Qualitynet was established in 1998 in response to a public offering by the Ministry of Communication, as part of their strategy to privatize Internet and data communication services within the State of Kuwait. Qualitynet launched their data communications infrastructure and Internet gateway in September1998, to offer Internet services and private data communications services.

Location: Dasman

Tel: +965 1804444




Zajil Telecom
Launched in 1991, Zajil International Telecom has provided innovative internet and date communications services. It is the first private Internet Service Provider under the license of the Kuwait Ministry of Communications.

Location: Safat

Tel: +965 1820820

Fax: +965 22443807

Email: [email protected]


Telecommunications in Kuwait

Fixed (Landline) line telephony services are provided by the Ministry of Communications (MoC). To subscribe you need to apply at your local branch of the MoC. Typical documents required are Tenancy contract, employer letter and civil id. Most expats don't tend to bother however and choose one of the 3 Mobile Operators...

Mobile Telephony in Kuwait

Currently there are 3 mobile telephony service providers in Kuwait - Zain, Wataniya and Viva. Their presence is widespread in Malls, residential and commercial areas across Kuwait and they are all vying to offer more services.

Blackberry service is available.  Voice over IP (VoIP) is illegal in Kuwait so you will find access to these services are blocked by the MoC. Here are the major mobile service providers in Kuwait.

Viva is the latest, most innovative mobile telecommunications service provider in the country. VIVA has quickly established itself in the market through customer and employee-centric approach.

Tel: +965 55102102 (for international inquiries) or 102 (for local inquiries)
Email: [email protected]


Wataniya Telecom
In 1999, Wataniya Telecom was commercially launched as the first privately owned operator in Kuwait. It has been a driving force in increasing the mobile market penetration in Kuwait.

Location: Ahmed Al Jaber Street, Sharq Area

Tel: +965 1805555

Fax: +965 22423369




Zain Kuwait, established in 1983, has always played an active role in Kuwait’s society by ‘giving back’ to the different groups by supporting different social causes who together, placed Zain as an “icon” of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Zain offers mobile services for both personal and business use.

Location: Safat

Tel: +965 24644444

Fax: +965 24641111

Email: [email protected]



*Last updated April 2013.