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Kuwait International Airport

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3 July 2014

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Kuwait International Airport

Latest News and Updates

Work has begun on the expansion of Kuwait International Airport

Starting in 2012, the project is set to reach completion in 2016 and aims to significantly increase capacity and establish a new regional air hub for the Gulf. The project's strategic aims will also be matched by a new state-of-the-art terminal building, which will provide the highest level of comfort for passengers and will set a new environmental benchmark for airport buildings. 

The first phase should accommodate up to a staggering 13 million annual passengers (MAP), with flexibility to then increase to 25 MAP, and consequently enabling the Gulf's new regional hub to serve up to 50 MAP with future development. The new development will provide areas for parking, GTC and high-end landslide facilities such as offices and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) headquarters and hotels. 

The building is planned under a single 60m span roof canopy, which will be punctuated by glazed openings that filter daylight, while deflecting direct solar radiation. The canopy will also extend to shade a generous entrance plaza, and will be supported by huge tapering columns, paying homage to Kuwait's traditional dhow sailing boats. Plus, passengers will also have a minimised walking distance below 600m from centre to end points of the terminal. 

Plans currently consist of two additional parallel runways - with a 3rd planned, too - two passenger terminal buildings, a heavy maintenence facility, cargo facility, fuel farm and the Al Mubarak Air Force Base for the Kuwait Air Force. 

The new terminal will have new access via the south as a new road will connect to it from the King Faisal Motorway 51, and the 7th Ring Road and plans are to establish a metro linking the airport to Kuwait City Centre so travellers can reach the airport easily and without stress. 

For more information, check out the DGCA website here.

If you’re flying and taking an electronic device with you ensure that it is charged before getting to the airport!

As part of increased security at certain airports, and for passengers travelling to certain destinations, security personnel may require passengers to turn on their electronic devices including mobile phones, lap top computers, tablets and e-readers among others. If the devices do not have power, they will not be allowed on the aircraft and will be couriered to the passenger’s destination, at their expense.

Airports and destinations where checks will take place remain unconfirmed by officials. This means that all passengers should be prepared to have their mobile phones checked by security staff at the security check area, and at the gate. The checks will be random.

Electronic devices

Passengers will be informed of the new regulations at the check in desk and they will be given ample opportunity to either stow their electronic devices into their hold luggage or to retrieve a charger from their hold luggage.
We recommend that you ensure that your electronic devices are fully charged before you depart for the airport. Always carry a charger in your hand luggage. Bigger airlines aircraft have USB and plug points in every seat making charging your phone easier.

Plug points can be found at airports around the world, you may have to carry an adapter plug with you. If you find yourself with an uncharged phone see if there is an electronics retailer nearby that will allow you to use one of their chargers to give your mobile phone a bit of battery life. Many airports have charging stations installed with power cables that fit all the mayor smartphone brands.

How you can conserve your mobile phone battery    

  • If you own a smartphone turn it to “Airplane mode” when charging, your phone will charge faster.

  • Turn your cellular data off and use only Wifi, if you’re in an area with Wifi. Your battery will last twice as long.

  • If you turn your wifi and cellular data off, your phone battery life will be extended considerably.

  • Avoid playing games on your mobile phone.

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The main airport in Kuwait is located in Farwaniyah, almost 16 kilometers south of Kuwait City. It serves as the hub for Jazeera Airways and Kuwait Airways. And while the airport serves for commercial passengers, there is also a complex designated to the Al Mubarak Air Base, which contains the Kuwait Air Force, as well as the Kuwait Air Force Museum. 

Kuwait International Airport

Free WiFi is available throughout the airport.

To get there, Airport Road leads directly southwards from Kuwait City centre to the airport. Alternatively, take the southbound Riyad Road and merge onto King Faisal Motorway. Continue until the sixth ring road and take the signposted airport exit. (GPS Cordinates: 29°13′36.4″N 47°58′47.9″E).

If you have any problems while traveling or have any complaint, you can contact the Supervisior Office inside the terminal or contact the following numbers:

Dir: 24319829 
Tel: 161 - ext: 1521

Airport Taxies and Buses






Aldajeej – Air Cargo

4 KD


Sabhan – Almagwa – Alfarwaniya - Jileeb Alshuyoukh – Khaitan – AbragKhaitan – lshbeelia – Ardhiya industrial – Alomariya – Alrabiya – Alrehab

5 KD


Alshuwaikh industrial – Alodailiyah – Alrai – Alriggae – Alandalus – Gurnada – Sabah Alnasser – Alardhiya – Alfirdous – Alsulaibiya – Alrawda – Alyarmouk – Qortuba – Alsurra – Aljabriya – ٍٍSalwa – Almessilah – Bayan – Meshrif – Dahiyat Mubarak Abdulla Aljaber – Sabah Alsalem – Alzahraa – Alsadeeq – Alsalam –Huteen – Alshohadaa – Abu Hasaniya – Alshawaikh Port – Alshedadia – Abdullah AlmubarakAlsabah

6 KD


Abdullah Alsalm – Alshuwaikh Residential – Alshamiya – Alkhaldiya – Alfaiha – Kaifan – Alsulaibikhat –Alnuzha – Algadisiya – Aldaiya –Al mansouriya –Aldasma – Alshaab – Midan Hawally – Hawally – Alnugra – Alrumaithiya – Algurean – Alqussor – Aladan – Mubarak Alkabeer – jaber Alali – Aldaher – Abu Fatira – Al funaitees – Alnahtha – Alqairawan

7 KD


Hadiya – Alrigga – Alfintas – Alogailah – Abu holaifa – Alsobahiya – Almahboula – Alahmadi – Almangaf – Alqaser – Alnaseem – Alnaeem – Taimaa – Aldoha – Amgarah – Saad Al Abdullah City – Jaber Al Ahmad City – Fahad Al Ahmad – Kuwait city – Salmiya – BneidAlgar – Almotlaa – Kabd – Abdulla port – Alshuaibah lndustrial Area – Aloyoon – Alwaha – Alfahaheel

8 KD


Ali sabah Al Salem (Um Al Haiman) – Kazma

10 KD


Benaider Chalets – Aldhubaeiah – Al Julaiaa – Sabah Al Ahmad City

12 KD


Alzoor port – Alwafra – Alkhiran – Alkhiran City – Alrawdatain

19 KD


Alabdelli – Alsalmi – Alnuwaseeb – Alsabeya

20 KD


Kuwait Public Transport Company

  • The number of buses during the day (21) bus starts from the time of their work (0430) to the time (23:45).

  • The number of lines operating (3) They are bus lines (13, 99 and 501).

Using the line number (13):

Airport / Khaitan / Airport Road / Shuwaikh residential (Gamal Abdel Nasser Street) / Swivel Sheraton / chipset.

Using the line number (99):

Airport / Abbasid / Algeleb / Hasawi / Muhammad ibn al-Qasim Road / Street Kndraa / Farwaniya / Khaitan / Civil ID (South Surra) / Subhan.

Using the line number (501):

Airport / Farwaniya / Alamierih / mound / Avenue Mohammed Ibn al-Qasim / Raqa'i .


Line No. (13): 250 fils 
Line No. (99): 250 fils, 300 fils 
Line No. (501): 250 fils

Phone Company:

Hotline: 22328866
Accidents : 22328877

Visit the Kuwait International Airport website for more information.