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Understanding the Mail System in Kuwait

We have noted down the process of the Kuwait Mail System so you know what services to use and which ones to avoid.

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7 July 2014

Last updated on 3 January 2018
Understanding the Kuwait mail system

Generally, delivery of post to residential addresses is unreliable and expatriates are advised to have all post addressed to a Post Office box, whether this is attached to your apartment building, at your nearest Post Office or your work address. Renting PO boxes at your Post Office costs KD7 for the first year, whereby your Civil I.D. will be checked, and KD4 for each additional year. 

P O Boxes Kuwait

All posted items, whether normal, registered or express are sent by air. Express letters or packages cannot be registered, however. But to ensure delivery, it is best to send items registered. Parcels may be sent from the main post office in Fahad Al-Salem street in Kuwait City and other major post offices throughout the country. Mail sent by Mumtaz Post has priority in Kuwait and the country of delivery. All incoming post is subject to customs inspection. Incoming parcels are held for collection and you will be notified by a green card left in the post box. Make sure that you present your Civil I.D. together with the green card when collecting from the parcel office (in Keifan).

Letters (up to 20g) cost 25fils to Kuwaiti addresses, 50fils to GCC countries and 150fils to the rest of the world.

Another option, although more expensive, for sending letters and parcels is to use one of the courier companies.

Courier Companies

Aramex (International)
Tel: + 965 244 6400

DHL (International)
Tel: + 965 808 345

Express Post (Local & International)
Tel: + 965 241 8204

FedEx (International)
Tel: + 965 802 233

Gazelle (Local & International)
Tel: + 965 243 3288

OCS (International)
Tel: + 965 241 7883

TNT (International)
Tel: + 965 245 4125

UPS (International)
Tel: + 965 434 4822