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Kuwait Lifts Ban on Palestinian Workers

After over two decades, Palestinian passport holders can now live and work in Kuwait like all other Arabs.

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7 February 2017

Last updated on 16 June 2017
Kuwait Lifts Ban on Palestinian Workers

After a decades-long ban, Kuwait’s Interior Ministry has announced that they will finally allow the recruitment of teachers holding Palestinian passports.

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Last year, the education ministry did say it was planning to recruit 400 teachers from Palestine. This couldn’t happen until security authorities gave their approval. In October, the Kuwaiti government said that the Palestinian National Authority passport is officially recognised by them.

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Following the 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, there was a long ban placed on Palestinian recruitment in the country. At the time, Palestinians were pro-Saddam, which caused Kuwait to feel betrayed and resulted in ties being cut, resulting in thousands of Palestinians being expelled.

Relations have since evolved and this decision puts an end to the recruitment ban.