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Living In Jabriya

Living In Jabriya Karen tells us what it's like to live in Jabriya as an expat & what types of accomodation & facilities are there

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17 April 2013

Last updated on 18 June 2017
Living In Jabriya

Here we take a look at what it is like to live in the Jabriya area of Kuwait and interview one of its residents for the insider view:

Name: Karen Reynolds

How long in Kuwait? One year

Why did you move to Kuwait? Husband’s job moved here from Dubai

Family circumstance: Married with one child

A bit about me/ us: We are Brits who really loved living in Dubai. We have found a slower pace of life here, but have been able to have more family time and we have met some lovely people.

Accommodation Options: There are apartments and villas available in Jabriya. The area is quite built up and is home to a few Embassies, shopping centres and schools/nurseries. Many apartments here have facilities such as gyms and pools which are included in the rental price which is a nice bonus. We were invited to consider this area as the location is not too far away from The English School in Salmiya  (although it can still take 30 minutes to get there in busy traffic!)  As it is sandwiched between the 4th and 5th ring roads and also the 30; access to many areas can be good (except at peak times), but it can also be very busy in this area!

There are not many green areas here but access to the Malls and the Arabian Gulf Street/ Corniche area is generally not too bad.

Facilities: There are a variety of shopping options. The main Co-Op in the centre is very large; there are also smaller Co-ops to be found within the residential streets. ‘The Sultan Centre’ was a very welcome new addition to the area and is located near the 30, close to the Tareq Rajab museum which is a fantastic collection of personal artifacts collected from around this region. A couple of streets from this there is also a Calligraphy museum which is well worth a visit (and is very handy to take guests to!) There are many small shops selling all manner of goods, such as toys, hardware, juices, stationery etc. dotted all over. There are numerous fast food outlets and take aways with new ones opening up all the time. Recently ‘Organica Fish and Chips’ opened as well as Pizza Express, Starbucks and Pinkberry, (located near the 4th ring road.)

‘The Little Gym’ for children is available and ‘Champion’ is also a large fitness/entertainment option available for the whole family. There are a number of pharmacies, clinics and a government hospital is also located in this area.

Why I/ we like living here: The area is close to the places we like to frequent, such as The Avenues Mall, the Corniche  and Salmiya. There are also enough shops and services (eg  barbers) locally if we want to use them. We have all the facilities we need and the rental price is very reasonable.

What do you enjoy doing with your time: We enjoy going to the gym, pool and beach, walking outdoors (weather permitting!), eating out, shopping, visiting the cinema and supporting community events.

About Jabriya

Jabriya is located in the Hawalli Governorate in the country of Kuwait. It is a large suburb mainly being residential. It borders with Surra, Hawalli, Salmiya and Bayan. Jabriya has seen an increase of commercial activities as of recent years.

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital, one of the six public hospitals in Kuwait was built there in 1982. Other organizations within the area include the Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) and the Kuwait Central Blood Bank. Jabriya is divided into 12 blocks with 2 blocks 1 and 3 sectioned into A and B parts. Jabriya contains more than 10 schools; which is vast compared to its size. It is home to some of the finest schooling foundations such as New English School, The English Academy, Bayan Bilingual School and Fajr Al Sabah. Jabriya is a home of people for various people other than Kuwaitis.

Jabriya hosts a large number of facilities beginning from hospitals such as Mubarak Al-Kabeer and private clinics such as Al Hadi Hospital and has in Block 12 the New English School. It also has three Starbucks Coffee branches (one which is in Al Hadi Hospital) and also has a Hardees, McDonald's and KFC branch. The Sultan Center opened a branch in Block 12 of Jabriya and there is also the local co-op/ supermarket. There is also a branch for the National Bank of Kuwait and Al Ahli Bank.

Jabriya is home to many foreigners who work in schools close by and it contains a large number of Kuwaitis. Houses in Jabriya are between 2 and 4 stories tall. From Jabriya, you can get onto the Fahaheel Expressway which leads to areas such as Bayan, Salwa, Rumathiya and Abu Halifa.