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Museums in Kuwait

There are a number of interesting museums in Kuwait, find out about each one with our extensive guide to museums in Kuwait here.

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 18 June 2017
Museums in Kuwait

There are a number of interesting museums in Kuwait, some of which had to be renovated after the Iraqi invasion of 1991. This event itself now forms part of Kuwait's relatively recent history with Al Qurain House (also known as Martyr's House) now being an interesting addition to the older museums. It is worth telephoning ahead to check opening hours before you visit as some museums are closed for a period in the afternoons. There is usually a small entrance fee to pay.

Museums in Kuwait

Al Hashemi Maritime Museum
Located beside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Salwa, Al Hashemi features in the Guiness Book of Records as the world's largest wooden hand-crafted dhow. There is now a ballroom inside the dhow which can accommodate 1000 guests! The Maritime Museum is dedicated to the traditional art of shipbuilding and houses many scale models of various existing and historical dhows. Marine articles, pictures and photographs depicting the various construction stages of Al Hashemi also form part of the museum. Telephone 2575 6000 for details.

Al Qurain House
Situated in Qurain on Road 208 between the 30 and 40 Expressways, the museum consists of two houses in which the Kuwaiti resistance was occupied during the Iraqi occupation. It is dedicated to those who laid down their lives before liberation. Telephone ahead for opening times on 5543 0343.

Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah
This museum of Islamic Art is located in Shaab, off Arabian Gulf Street. It is one of the finest private collections of art, architecture and archaeology from the Islamic world and beyond. Telephone 2240 0992.

Educational Science Museum
Located downtown Kuwait City near the Liberation Tower, the Educational Science Museum was Kuwait's first museum, and contains displays of the history of the petroleum industry in Kuwait, natural history, electronics, space and aviation, zoology subjects as well as a planetarium! Open 4.30pm until 7.30pm Saturday to Wednesday, and 9am until 12am Thursday and Friday. Telephone 2421 268/2466 973.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) Display
The Kuwait Oil Company has an ultra-modern audio-visual museum of Kuwait's oil industry, past and present. Find it in the Ahmadi area, and is open by appointment. Telephone 398 2393.

Modern Art Museum (Sharqeya Schook)
A lovely new museum of modern painting and sculpture by Kuwaiti and Arab artists. It is located directly across the Gulf Road from Souq Sharq near a large dhow. It is free to visit, and open Saturday to Wednesday, 9am until 1pm, and 5pm until 9pm. Telephone 246 8348.

National Museum
The museum is located in Qibla off Arabian Gulf Street and has been undergoing renovation. It was formerly the residence of Sheikh Ahmed Al Jaber Al Saber and the museum was initially created to house archaeological discoveries from Failaka Island. It now shows Kuwait's historical past as well as remnants from the Iraqi occupation. Telephone 2244 8726.

Science and Natural History Museum
Located in Safat on Abdullah Al Mubarak Street, this museum features displays of petroleum industries, aviation, natural history, space and electronics. There is also a planetarium. Open mornings (9am-12pm) and afternoons (4.30-7.30pm) from Saturday to Wednesday. Telephone 2242 1268.

Tareq Rajab Museum and Calligraphy Museum - This museum is a world-renowned collection of privately owned art, weapons, jewellery, clothing, manuscripts and is situated in Jabriya, Block 12. The Calligraphy Museum of calligraphy and islamic art is situated a street away behind the New English school, which was also founded by Tareq Rajab in 1969. Both cost 2KD entry and are open 9am- 12pm and 4pm to 7pm daily (except Fidays- mornings only). Telephone 2531 7358 and website