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Public Transport in Kuwait

Find out about all the public transport available throughout Kuwait.

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 18 June 2017
Public Transport in Kuwait

Kuwait Public Transport Company provides its unique services covering all Kuwaiti regions and suburbs. The public transport fleet is distinguished by its punctual times. The system used in the company is flexible for prices, so discounts up to 50% on the subscription system are presented. The number of buses in Kuwait Public Transport Company fleet is more than 400 buses. All are in service. The number of bus drivers in the company is almost 1050 drivers whose main aim is to drive the passengers safely, quickly and skillfully. A team of highly skilled professional experts is responsible for the fleet maintenance periodically.

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Public Transport Kuwait

For making transport services available all time, special transport companies were established like: Citybus Company. Citybus Company aims at presenting the highest level of transportation services. Hence, it is providing safe transportation means that are designed to meet the client's requirements. The company has developed a highly advanced network of transport in Kuwait stretching over the country. The buses deployed are modern, air-conditioned and equipped with entertainment facilities which ensure the passengers' enjoyment while travelling. All buses are connected through a wireless tracking and communication systems. Hence, the Company main office follow-ups the buses anywhere and ensures the safety of passengers all time.

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Kuwait & Gulf Link Transport Company (KGL TC) is one of the major private companies providing transportation services in Kuwait. KGL TC is specialized in transporting individuals, manufactured goods, bulk liquids, petroleum products, chemicals, raw materials and a variety of other products and equipment. The Company fleet is consisted of buses equipped with the most modern means of comfort and entertainment to transport individuals. The fleet also includes tankers, trucks and refrigerated trailers. All driven by a team of professional drivers. All buses and trucks are connected all the time through tracking and communication systems to ensure meeting transit dates and times. 

For further information call 1882211 for Citybus, 1880001 for KPTC and 188700 for KGL.