TV and Radio in Kuwait |

TV and Radio in Kuwait

TV & Radio In Kuwait- what television channels can you get in Kuwait,Cable TV? Satellite TV? What are the Engluish radio stations?

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 18 June 2017
TV and Radio in Kuwait

There is one local English speaking TV channels; you can howver subscibe to satallite or cable TV and receive various packages which include English language TV, news, sports, etc.


Kuwait TV and Radio

Local TV Stations

Kuwait Television is a Kuwaiti state-run television station, part of the Ministry of information. Kuwait began broadcasting its first state-run channel on November 5, 1961. It initially broadcast in black and white for four hours a day.

Kuwait Television has 4 channels and a satellite channel: KTV1, KTV2, KTV Sport, Al Araby Channel, and Ethra's Channel.

KTV1 launched on April 7, 1992 with 24 hour broadcasting. By 1997, the channel was viewable all the way to North America, broadcasting Kuwaiti produced programming globally.[3] The channel's programming cycle changes every three months or so, and it has a special cycle for the month of Ramadan. Daily programs on the channel include Good Morning Kuwait, Baitak program, and Good Evening program. Also included in the broadcasts are cultural, variety, religious, and state event programs.

KTV2 is the only English speaking channel in the state run channels. It includes both English programming and programming that is translated from Arabic into English. This channel has two missions: to promote Kuwaiti media policy abroad and show foreign viewers segments of Kuwaiti culture and news, and to foster the relationship between the State, the Kuwaiti public, and ex-patriots in Kuwait by showing local programming that is family friendly.

KTV Sport
KTV Sport began broadcasting in 1994 and shows sports-related programming. Initially chaired by Mr. Mohammed Al Zamel, this channel was considered at the time as the leading sports channel in the Arabian Gulf region. It originally only showed broadcasts of local sports, but it has since opened up to include international sporting events, as well. To do so, the channel switched from ground transmission to satellite transmission in 2002.

International TV

OSN (Orbit Showtime Network)
OSN is the ultimate destination for the widest choice of brand new premium Western, Arabic and Filipino entertainment in the Middle East and Africa. OSN is the home of 100 channels filled with great value entertainment, offering viewers in the MENA region exclusive access to the latest blockbuster movies, top rated series, sports, documentaries, news, kid’s entertainment and live talk shows. The movie offering includes over a 100 uncut and uninterrupted movie premieres a month so viewers can watch them the way they were meant to be watched.

OSN boasts the most comprehensive portfolio of exclusive rights from all the major studios including Warner Brothers, Paramount, Fox, Disney, Sony, MGM, Universal and DreamWorks and offers access to the worlds leading television brands including Disney channel, Sky News, Discovery Network and Nat Geo.

Call them in Kuwait to subscribe on 1 807 007

Radio Stations

There are several English language, government owned radio stations for example: Easy FM 92.5, Radio Kuwait FM 96.9, Super Station FM 99.7 and BBC World Service 100.1.

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