Useful publications in Kuwait |

Useful publications in Kuwait

The local newspapers are a good source of information and have daily "What's On" columns as well as useful phone numbers.

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 18 June 2017
Useful publications in Kuwait

The local newspapers are a good source of information and have daily "What's On" columns as well as lists of phone numbers for hospitals, pharmacies, police, flight arrivals and departures etc. which are very useful.

Publications in KuwaitAl-Watan Daily

Al-Watan Daily is a daily English-language newspaper published in Kuwait. It was established and is printed by the Dar Al-Watan publishing house. Al-Watan Daily launched its first issue March 3, 2008.

Journalism and Media Club (JAM) was created on November 8, 2009. Al-Watan daily’s JAM is aimed at introducing youth to the process of organising and publishing a newspaper. A five-week program was held following the selection of 16 students from local Kuwaiti schools that concluded with the publication of the first JAM issue on December 13, 2009.

Arab Times

Arab Times newspaper is a daily English-language newspaper that started in 1977. The newspaper was formerly known as Dar Al-Seyassah newspaper published weekly. It was founded by Ahmed Al-Jarallah who started working in Al-Seyassah weekly magazine in 1965. Arab Times has been number one and most popular choice of English readers in Kuwait. The newspaper attracted a large number of readers in the Gulf region and other countries around the world.

Kuwait Times

Kuwait Times is the first English-language daily newspaper in the Gulf region based in Kuwait. The thirty-six-page broadsheet provides in-depth journalism on local, regional, and international issues, local events, business news, entertainment, sports news and features. The newspaper publishes a free 80 page tabloid, the first in the country. The Friday Times offers local commentary, news, and analysis as well as comprehensive features, sports and entertainment.

Bazaar Magazine

Bazaar Magazine was established in 1996 as a free, monthly lifestyle magazine. It emerged as one of the most influential magazines of the decade with its unique brand heritage in Kuwait.

Their credo, “freedom to express” is bravely defended by over 75 freelance writers and photographers from all over the world. Ever issue is packed with articles covering art, music, movies, fashion, health, and many more. The magazine is published every month (except August) and is distributed, free of charge, throughout Kuwait. They also have annual guides that include Dining & Delivery Guide and Living Spaces & Design Guide.

In cafes and retail outlets you may find other locally printed magazines; however there does not seem to be a large range of local English magazines. International magazines and newspapers are sold in major supermarkets, hotels and bigger bookshops but they may be out of date and quite heavily censored!