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Vets in Kuwait

Here we take a look at the organisations in Kuwait looking after our furry friends.

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15 July 2013

Last updated on 4 July 2017
Vets in Kuwait

Vet Contact Details

Dohamma Veterinary Clinic
Tel: + 965 472 2002

Fahaheel Veterinary Clinic
Tel: + 965 391 1247

International Veterinary Clinic
Tel: + 965 326 1421

The Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat (K'S PATH)

We strive to improve the quality of companion animals' lives in Kuwait by rescuing animals and providing them with shelter, food and medical attention; educating people about the basic needs and proper treatment and care of animals. We also encourage spaying and neutering as the only way to control the animal overpopulation.
Vets in Kuwait
We also provide sanctuary and relocation for wild animals, both indigenous and illegally smuggled.  Our goal when working with wildlife is to eliminate the illegal trade, monitor the legal trade, monitor state-run and private facilities which house wild animals, conduct investigations into smuggling and cruelty, help to oversee natural areas in Kuwait, and generally improve conditions for all wild animals living in or migrating through Kuwait.
Finally, we rescue and provide sanctuary for abused and abandoned farm animals and offer education for schools and individuals on the subject of farm animals and food sources.
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The Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat (K'S PATH) is an animal welfare organization concerned with all aspects of animal welfare in the State of Kuwait. We operate an open door shelter which means we accept any and every animal into our care. We have thus far provided care for dogs, cats, turtles, tortoises, various birds including eagles and owls, ferrets, rabbits, baboons, hedgehogs, and chipmunks. We also operate an education program to teach children in schools about compassion and kindness toward animals and people.
The K'S PATH Animal Shelter is open
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
10am to 2pm
After hours admission by appointment only, 6700 1622

The Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat (K'S PATH) relies entirely on donations and corporate sponsorship to operate. A monetary donation of any size is greatly appreciated as it is only through the kindness of others that we are able to serve the animal population of Kuwait.

Visit for more information.

paws kuwait charityPAWS Kuwait

PAWS Kuwait will help & advise you with an abandoned or injured dog or cat whenever possible. However, we have a limited number of volunteers and a limited amount of resources to work with. Please be patient while we work to find a volunteer carer or kennel space for the animal you have found. There are times when we are full when sadly we cannot help. At that point we will advertise your rescued pet but may not be able to accommodate your rescue. In all cases, we ask that you to seek veterinary assistance immediately if your rescue appears injured or sick.

What is PAWS Kuwait?

We are a non profit all volunteer international organization – our volunteers are all unpaid helpers who work to rescue and re-home stray or abandoned dogs and puppies or injured cats/abandoned kittens.

Where is your office and what is are your opening hours?

PAWS Kuwait does not have an office; all our volunteers work from home or help out at the shelter. All visitors to our shelter should prearrange an appointment to visit.

How does your telephone/SMS service work? Why don’t you return my call?

PAWS Kuwait volunteers have an sms service on our hotline number 99440089. The phone is manned as often as possible and WHEN we have the volunteer manpower. If you do not receive an immediate answer to an sms, please email us. We do not have emergency veterinary resources. If you find an injured animal please take your rescue to the vet. The vet we use is Al Dohama vet clinic. There is a map to this clinic on the home page of this website. Please remember that most of us work full time or have young children and families/pets to care for. We will respond to your sms or email when it is possible to do so.

It is 10pm and we have found an injured dog or cat. Can PAWS come immediately?

At this time of night the veterinary hospitals in Kuwait are closed. Although one of the vet clinics advertises an emergency call out number, in our experience, this is never answered. All you can do is place the injured cat or dog in a safe place. Keep it warm. Place food or water nearby and keep the animal safe and quiet until morning. Unfortunately, there is little else you can do at night. Al Dohama opens at 8 am. It is located beside the Friday market 24722002. (Except on Fridays when they open at 9am).

It is midnight. We have found a stray animal. Can a PAWS volunteer come NOW?

Please do not ring a volunteer at this time of night. The volunteers are not on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you can, please look after the animal until morning. We would then try to help. Email us a photo and we’ll advertise immediately.

Where can we see pets available for adoption?

PAWS pets are sometimes placed in volunteer’s homes and sometimes located at the shelter. We will arrange a viewing depending on the placement of the rescue. Email the application to adopt or Contact Us form on the website with the name of the pet in which you are interested.

Can PAWS Kuwait help with the export/import of my pet?

Yes, we have experienced ‘pet travelling’ experts on our team. Our import/export team are very knowledgeable in the necessary paperwork, rules, regulations and the all important documentation.

What can we do with our pet when we leave?

If you can’t take it with you, or find it a home we will assist by advertising your pet in the local newspapers and on our website. If you abandon your dog or cat it will end up like so many, dead from car accidents or vulnerable to cruel abuse by ignorant people. Email us for advice. Don’t leave this until the last moment! PAWS believes that a pet is for life! Please try to take your pet with you when you leave.

Do we have to pay for a PAWS pet?

PAWS do NOT sell pets. We do ask that you make a donation that covers, at minimum, the veterinary costs for your pet. Before our rescues are offered for adoption they have had a health check and have been vaccinated and wormed. If it is old enough the pet will have been spayed or neutered.

By making a donation that covers our expenses for your pet, you have ensured that we have enough funds to help another rescue. We ask a minimum donation of 40 KD for a rescued mixed breed male dog or cat, 45 KD for a female dog or cat. We ask a minimum donation of 100 KD for a pure bred dog or cat. This does not mean any dog is intrinsically more valuable to us; it merely reflects ‘market’ value. We are not privately funded so the donations from pet adoptions help us cover our veterinary care/spay and neuter/vaccination and pet food and litter bills which are huge! Every dinar we receive goes straight back into the shelter.

Thank you for your assistance in the work we do in our efforts to care for and place these innocent living creatures. If you can’t take a rescue into your home, please donate to the PAWS shelter project or pick up a few pet products next time you are at the supermarket. We always welcome dog and cat food, pet carriers and beds, collars and leads.

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The PAWS Kuwait Team Website

PAWS Emergency Number

Our Emergency Support Number is: 99440089 and it is available 7 days per week from 8am to 8pm only. Please use this phone in animal rescue and emergency cases only.


Al Dohama Vet Hospital 
Tel: (+965) 2472-2002
Opening hours:
- Saturday – Thursday 9.00 am. – 1.00 pm; 3.00 pm. – 7.00 pm
- Friday 9.00 am. – 11.00 am.
Services: Surgery, Diagnostic and Laboratory, Grooming

Royal Animal Hospital
Tel: (+965) 24750966
Opening Hours:
- Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 9.00 am. – 12.00 am; 4.00 pm. – 6.30 pm
- Tuesday 9.00 am. – 5.00 pm.
- Friday Closed
Services: Vaccinations, Toxoplasmosis, Inappropriate Soiling (Cats), Spay Procedure (Dogs/Cats), Tortoises, Training your Dog, General Veterinary Medicine, Vaccinations and Preventive Medicine, Anaesthesia, Surgery/Radio Surgery, Dentistry, Blood Pressure STudies, Radiology/Ultrasound, Endoscopy/Laboratory, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), Blood Bank, Exotic Species, Avian Medican and Surgery

International Veterinary Hospital
Tel:  (+965) 23261421/6, 23260405/9, 23261697, 23261710
Opening Hours:
- 7 Days a Week, 10:30am to 8:30pm. 
- Official Holidays, 3:30pm to 8:30pm.
Services: Surgery (Spay/Neuter/Soft Tissue/Orthopaedic), Dental, Diagnostics, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Laboratory, Dog Breed DNA Testing, Artificla Insemination for Dogs, Recovery, Specialist Isolation Ward, Boarding, Grooming, Dog Training, Import/Export, Pet Shop, Photo Studio, Coffee Shop, Physiotherapy Gym & Spa, Pet Cremation

Al Rai Veterinary Clinic
Tel: (+965) 24720243

Pet Suppliers: Ace Hardware, True Value, both located in Shuwaikh. Al Dohama, Al Rai (next door) sell pet carriers and other pet products. Also try any Sultan Centre Supermarket.