How can I bring my baby in Doha |

How can I bring my baby in Doha

Latest post on 16 January 2020 - 05:13

Hi I am 29 yrs of age and a Filipino Citizen. I have a lot of questions in my head now, cause I have my 2yr old son that I am planning to bring in Doha however he is an illegitimate child also I am newly employed and am not earning that much to apply sponsorship for my kid, and his Father (also a Filipino Citizen) is working in Doha for 13years however he is still under the visa of his employer. My son’s father would love to apply sponsorship for our child but not sure if they will grant his request due to the status of the child, however the tricky problem is that the father of my child and I are not married and our child is carrying his father’s surname, also both of us are not legally separated to our spouses. Is it possible to bring our child in Doha in my situation? Please help. Thank you in advance