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6 Ideas for Your Mother-Child Day Out

Do you have a day to enjoy with your child? Here's some ideas to make the most of it while living in Abu Dhabi!

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3 August 2016

Last updated on 17 December 2017
6 Ideas for Your Mother-Child Day Out

In this day and age, what with everyone so busy learning or earning, very rarely do we find time to relax and enjoy some quality time with our kids. 

If you have a spare afternoon, or even a full day, to enjoy just the two of you coming up, here's some ideas to help you plan a fun time for both of you to enjoy! We have no doubt you'll both love these great ideas for your mother-child time together. 

Coffee mornings by ExpatWoman - mother child date ideas

1. Bring them to meet your friends
Why not bring them along with you to meet your friends and fellow expats at one of our organised coffee mornings? Not only will you have the chance to start your day with some caffeine yourself, but the social aspect of these greet meet-ups will no doubt have your mini-me chattering away.

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They may even meet a new friend themselves! It's a great opportunity for them to meet new people that come from all different walks of life... You could even treat them to their own hot drink and snack so they can join in.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - mother child day out ideas

2. Head to one of Abu Dhabi's best sights
The UAE's Capital is no doubt filled with wonderful sights to see that everyone can enjoy. And while they're prime spots for tourists, that doesn't mean you can't take your mini-me to explore together! Head to Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and encourage their interest in the local culture of the UAE, take a wander around Abu Dhabi's recognisable corniche or make a splash at Abu Dhabi's waterpark, Yas Waterworld

Mother child date ideas - the cinema

3. Catch a new flick together
With some fantastic movie releases out each week, there's always a film that you'll both enjoy - and one that is age appropriate if applicable - for you to see. Head to your nearest cinema complex, grab the popcorn, soft drink and nachos and snuggle up to watch together. 

Mother child date idea at the beauty salon

4. Head for a mani-pedi 
We know there's nothing our mini-me's enjoy doing more with their mothers than heading to the salon. Why not treat her to their own mani-pedi or facial treatment that they can show off for the next week or two! There's no denying they'll enjoy the pampering attention. In fact, there's no denying we all love a mummy-daughter trip to the beauty salon... Catch up on the latest gossip, relax and then you can hit the mall after! 

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Mother child date idea - shopping

5. Shop, shop, shop, shopping!
Forget about your weekly food shop, jazz up your trip to the mall with a spending spree especially just for you two to enjoy! Treat her to a new watch, a pair of shoes, her favourite top or headband and you're in for a winner. Who doesn't enjoy a shopping trip when mum's paying? Throw in lunch between your shopping spree and you're set for a great afternoon together.

Mother child date ideas - uae road trip

6. Enjoy a road trip together
Here in the UAE, we're lucky enough as expats to be able to explore our surrounding areas. From the beaches of Fujairah, to the rocky roads of Al Ain, there's always somewhere to explore. Why not spend a full day or even a night away with your mini-me on a family friendly UAE road trip and really get to know the country you now call home. 


What other ideas do you have for the perfect mummy-child date here in Abu Dhabi? Let us know by commenting below!