An Abu Dhabi Park Just Won The World’s Best Park Award |

An Abu Dhabi Park Just Won The World’s Best Park Award

The park was praised for its beauty, facilities, health and safety standards

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29 October 2018

Last updated on 29 October 2018
Corniche park, AD

A park in the UAE’s capital just won the world’s best park and it totally makes sense why

Abu Dhabi seems to be making headlines this month for all the right reasons as it adds another win to the emirate’s list.

The Corniche Park in Abu Dhabi has been announced as the best public park in the world.

A UK-based environmental organization, Green Flag Organization, took into consideration of 12 countries from three different continents and more than 100 qualified sites out of the UK for this award.

The Abu Dhabi based public park was chosen based on amazing reviews for the following:

  • The public facilities on ground
  • Amenities and services in the park
  • The environment of the park
  • The beauty aesthetic of the park
  • Public health and safety standards

Green Flag looked for particular standards in the nominated parks to determine the eligibility of the votes – it looked at visitor reception, healthy facilities, public hygiene, park maintenance, sustainability, conservation of nature, social interaction, marketing and management.

And Abu Dhabi’s Corniche Park scored very high on all those aspects.

Here's what Abu Dhabi Residents love about the Corniche Park

It has beautiful views of Abu Dhabi's skyscrappers

It's located near the water

It has gorgeous views

It has dedicated bike lanes

It has a skate park

And it has a gorgeous Ferris Wheel