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Expat Clubs and Societies

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6 October 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017

Expat Clubs and Societies in Abu Dhabi

Wondering what to do in Abu Dhabi? Fill your spare time? Make some friends? Get fit? Help a good cause?

Have a look at our lists below and we're sure you'll find something to interest you... if you'd like your social group listed here please send an email to editor [at] expatwoman [dot] com.

    • Abu Dhabi Choral Group

      Abu Dhabi Choral Group

      Abu Dhabi Choral Group started with a number of choral music lovers in the late 70s and is still holding on till today, mainly due to a good organisation structure (there is a board which runs the yearly activities of the group) in addition to a constant drive of the members to keep choral music part of the Abu Dhabi musical landscape. Everybody is welcome to join - no auditions are required except for solos and principal roles.

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    • Abu Dhabi Cricket Club

      Abu Dhabi Cricket Club

      With over 500 amateur matches played at the Zayed Stadium and ADCC grounds this season, we are confident that we can build on that success in future years. Apart from hosting several international matches in the last 12 months, which has introduced the world class facilities to millions across the globe, it has been the growth of the amateur competition in recent seasons that has been of great encouragement to all involved in cricket in the region.

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    • Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club

      Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club

      Abu Dhabi Equestrian Club’s is the central location for all horse sports. It offers a multitude of activities starting from horse racing, to show jumping passing by endurance. It is the main address for anyone aspiring to compete in an equestrian discipline. The ADEC’s Riding School is the place to begin fulfilling that dream. The Club’s show jumping team is proof that anyone can aspire to National and International competitions, since many of the team’s riders began as students of the Riding School.

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    • Abu Dhabi Expat Football Club

      Abu Dhabi Expat Football Club

      Western expats having a kickaround in and around the capital. We generally organise 7aside and 11aside games at Zayed Sports City, Al Ghazal and The Dome. This is an informal club that organises meets through their facebook page.

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    • Abu Dhabi Football League

      Abu Dhabi Football League

      The ADFL is the official amateur football league (no professional or semi-professional players) for Abu Dhabi, open to teams of UAE Nationals and UAE Residents alike. The new ADFL season kicks off on 22 October 2012 at Zayed Sports’ City, offering a competitive league format for 7-A-SIDE Amateur Men with cash prize money.

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    • Abu Dhabi Harlequins Rugby Club

      Abu Dhabi Harlequins Rugby Club

      The club seeks to encourage and promote interest in the Rugby Union Football to all residents of the emirate of Abu Dhabi by community and social activities including specifically encouraging Emirati Nationals to play Rugby Union Football. In addition to organised rugby competitions the men play various ad-hoc matches against touring sides which include visiting Navy ships from various countries, friendly matches and memorial games. The Rugby club has a ladies section with two 7-a-side teams.

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    • Abu Dhabi Na Fianna

      Abu Dhabi Na Fianna

      Abu Dhabi Na Fianna is a Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) club in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. We welcome players and friends interested in Gaelic football, hurling and other sports. We have training and competitions for men, women and children, and a full schedule of social and cultural activities. Bring the family!

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    • Abu Dhabi Netball League

      Abu Dhabi Netball League

      ADNL has been established for over ten years and caters for competitive and social players. Our aim is to allow those who participate at a high level achieve their full potential, whilst also recognising that the league provides a strong social network for its members. The majority of women are between the ages of 16 – 45, catering for students to those working in a professional career. ADNL is a not-for-profit organisation and is run by a board that meets regularly to manage the financial, coaching, administrative and social aspects of the club. The league is prominent in the expatriate community and maintains close links to business and sporting groups.

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    • Abu Dhabi Photographers

      Abu Dhabi Photographers

      Abu Dhabi Photographers initiative is to help improve your photography skills it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, amateur or professional photo passionate. ADP supports its members by organizing training meetup’s based on photography, organizing photography exhibitions and photography field trips. Abu Dhabi Photographers also hosts several photography competitions with honoring and rewarding the competitors and exhibiting the winning photos.

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    • Abu Dhabi Saracens

      Abu Dhabi Saracens

      A second major Abu Dhabi Rugby Club has been a long time coming, but its finally here. The results so far have been great and the energy and camaraderie building within the club is superb. Saracens is first and foremost a rugby club. Rugby is a glorious team game that enhances pride, fitness, coordination, healthy competitiveness, mental and physical strength and teamwork. The club has also evolved into a thriving community.

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    • Abu Dhabi Striders

      Abu Dhabi Striders

      Abu Dhabi Striders, established in 1984, has been running continuously since 1992 - 52 weeks a year throughout the winter and summer months. Abu Dhabi Striders is a non-profit voluntary club welcoming all runners of all abilities who share a common goal to improve their fitness and live a happier, healthier lifestyle. The Striders support the Special Care Center as our charity. Throughout the running season we host 5K and 10K runs, a half marathon and also a cross country event, as well as assisting other organisations in creating and running events across the wider Abu Dhabi community. Proceeds from each race are donated to charity.

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    • Abu Dhabi Triathlon Club<br />

      Abu Dhabi Triathlon Club

      The home for Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners, Triathletes, Ironmen ... and other athletes in the UAE capital. Abu Dhabi Triathlon Club is a friendly and active club catering for all nationalities and levels, from beginners to international. It's not formal - just turn up and take part. Their members organize regular training, events and activities and compete in the region and abroad, and train all-year-round, even in winter.

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    • Abu Dhabi Women’s Group

      Dubai Abu Dhabi Women’s Group

      ADWG have been established here in Abu Dhabi for many years, they are so much more than a coffee meet up. They have activities and outings, have a tennis group, golf section, a book club etc. Quite often they have a guest speaker addressing the coffee group and are very open to suggestions for new speakers or activities. ADWG are involved in charity fundraising, and are happy to ‘put something back’ into our community.

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    • AD Fitness Fanatics

      AD Fitness Fanatics

      Purpose of the group is to get together and do some sport and fitness activities. If you are a fanatic of sport and fitness - you want to play tennis, running, go pilates etc - but dont want to go solo...join and lets stay fit! or If you are tired of being a couch potato...jump off it and join and become a Fitness Fanatic! They arrange meetups though their site and everyone is welcome.

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    • Al Ain Amblers

      Al Ain Amblers

      The club was originally founded by some adventurous ex-pats in 1984. In 2008 we moved to an outstanding new facility under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Mohd. bin Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Our world-class facilities include; three floodlit rugby pitches, a well-equipped gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis courts and children’s play area. Our bar and restaurant have become a major gathering place for the expat community of Al Ain, which is the second city of the Abu Dhabi Emirate. We currently run rugby for adults and children ranging in age from Under 6 to Veterans, including regular social touch rugby.

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    • Essie 2014 Winter Collection

      American Women's Network

      The American Women's Network (AWN) is an informal group comprised of women affiliated with the Americas and residing in Abu Dhabi. AWN facilitates contact, support and an information exchange for both new arrivals and long-time residents. Through social events and special programs, AWN provides a platform for integrating into the community. Formed in 1994 by a group of expatriates from North America, AWN welcomes all women with links to the Americas.

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    • Armenian Ladies Association

      Armenian Ladies Association

      The primary goal of the current Abu Dhabi Armenian Ladies Committee is to promote the presence of the Armenian Community in Abu Dhabi, as well as integrate the members of the Armenian community at large with all other Armenian and non-Armenians in the UAE.

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    • Aussies Abroad

      Aussies Abroad

      Aussies Abroad is a community based member organisation dedicated to the promotion of Australian culture in the UAE. Aussies Abroad is an Abu Dhabi community based member organisation dedicated to the promotion of Australian culture in the UAE. It aims to provide its members (Australian expats and non-Australian expats) and friends with social and recreational opportunities to forge and strengthen bonds within the community and to enhance interaction within the culturally diversified UAE community.

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    • Aussie Club

      Aussie Club

      The Aussie Club is a group for fellow Aussies and their friends based in Abu Dhabi to connect socially. They hold catch-ups every so often whether it’s be a BBQ, day at the beach, camping trip or anything else Aussies like to do.

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    • Beach Yoga

      Beach Yoga

      Power Yoga is based on Astanga Yoga. By connecting the postures with movements and with deep rhythmic breathing, the sequences are flowing and continuous. Practising Power Yoga regularly would result a slim and strong body, as well as a clear and calm mind. Please bring your yoga mat, things to keep you warm for relaxation at the end of class, water, and a towel if you wish to shower after the class.

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    • Circolo Italiano Culturale E Ricreativo

      Circolo Italiano Culturale E Ricreativo

      Founded in 1989, CICER has a thriving membership of about 100 people and offers a variety of social activities, from outdoor excursions to Italian cinema and gastronomy evenings, Italian language courses, activities for children and occasional exhibitions and concerts. Working closely with the Italian Embassy, the association also offers members the use of a small Italian library . Other benefits include special discounts from several outlets in town.

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    • German Ladies of Abu Dhabi

      German Ladies of Abu Dhabi

      GLAD (German Ladies of Abu Dhabi) is a group of German women who are currently making their home in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. GLAD offers newcomers a chance to find their way around their new surroundings here in the capital, and the existing members take the opportunity to welcome and meet new people while making new friends.

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    • Golden Girls

      Golden Girls

      This group exists as a platform for the more mature ladies of Abu Dhabi to create, share and participate in social events only. If you want to go to a social event, you can post it on their site and ask for other ladies to accompany you. If you would like to organise an event, you are very welcome to create an event on their events page with the prior approval of the admin team. All members of the group are encouraged to put up events that are happening, which involve people getting together and sharing time.

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    • Hash House Harriers Abu Dhabi

      Hash House Harriers Abu Dhabi

      The Hash House Harriers was started in Kuala Lumpur (by some British) in 1938 and is now the largest running organisation in the world. (there are over 2 million hashers and 1990 hash groups registered in the world directory, located in 1300 cities in 185 countries) , it is easier than ever for you to find fun, trail, and friendship where you live. Hashing consists of following a course (which includes false trails) laid out by a couple of 'hares'. Running, jogging and walking are acceptable and the courses are varied and often cross country. ALL hash groups welcome new comers.

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    • IFA Premiere League Abu Dhabi

      IFA Premiere League Abu Dhabi

      IFA was established in 2004. We’ve grown to be the organisation that helps people who love football to play, learn, grow, compete and win. IFA’s philosophy is ‘Sport for All’, meaning the Academy is inclusive rather than exclusive. All children between the ages of 4 to 16 irrespective of gender, age, background or ability are welcome at IFA. The current demographic is approximately 70% ex-pat and 30% local national, in keeping with the places where it operates.

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    • Irish Society Abu Dhabi

      Irish Society Abu Dhabi

      The Abu Dhabi Irish Society is an informal organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Irish people and friends of Ireland in Abu Dhabi, and to improving and ties between the people of Ireland and Abu Dhabi. That’s the formal stuff! We do have fun, when we are not getting all pompous.The Abu Dhabi Irish Society always welcomes new people to participate in dozens of ways – teaching, training, organizing, collecting, emailing, calling, or just having fun.

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    • Raha Revolution

      Raha Revolution

      The idea behind Raha Revolution is to provide friendly, welcoming and accessible bike rides by adding a sense of membership, but without any kind of elitism or exclusivity. The emphasis of the rides is on promoting safe and sociable cycling, but the group also aims to increase fitness levels and riding ability through a progression of different levels. Raha Revolution rides are open to anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.

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    • St David's Society Abu Dhabi

      St David's Society Abu Dhabi

      The youngest of the "Tribal" Societies in Abu Dhabi. Our main mission is to develop relations and cultural ties with Abu Dhabi and to raise money for good causes both in Abu Dhabi AND in Wales. We also exist to provide a platform where Welsh people and people who have connections to Wales can meet and enjoy themselves. As a Society we are constantly providing venues and activities that can enable us all to enjoy the UAE and time with fellow countrymen.

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    • The Scottish St Andrews Society of Abu Dhabi

      The Scottish St Andrews Society of Abu Dhabi

      The Scottish St Andrews Society of Abu Dhabi was established more than 40 years ago, it is a non profit volunteer organisation that aims to foster social activities and friendly relations among the Scottish people and their families resident in Abu Dhabi, and the citizens of Abu Dhabi, and to organise, promote and celebrate Scottish cultural events and anniversaries. The Scottish St Andrews Society of Abu Dhabi (AD Scots) is a charitable organization aimed at fostering social activities and friendly relations between all nationalities and Scottish residents in Abu Dhabi. AD Scots also aims to cultivate strong relations between the Scottish Community, all nationalities and the citizens of Abu Dhabi while supporting a number of charities including the Special Care Centre for Children, Abu Dhabi, and The Archie Foundation. AD Scots boasts 14 nationalities in its membership and promotes a diverse and fun culture within the group.

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    • The Royal Society of St. George

      The Royal Society of St. George

      The Royal Society of St. George was founded in 1894 with the noble object of promoting "Englishness" and the English way of life.Here in Abu Dhabi The RSSG-AUH has been active for over 30 years, and each year contributes its income to charities, both here and at home, this last year 2010-11 they made a donation of 25,000 AED to Umoyo Orphan Project (a British run charity) and enabled the commencement of building works on a long-awaited school house for children in Malawi.

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