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Insurance In Abu Dhabi

Insurance enables you to trust that you will be protected if you ever have to make a claim or have one made against you.

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24 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Insurance In Abu Dhabi

Why do I need insurance?
Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Insurance means that you and your loved ones are protected against a range of possible risks and the associated financial consequences. The ultimate benefit is peace of mind knowing that you will be protected if you ever need to make a claim.


What is motor insurance?
Motor insurance offers protection for your vehicle against the financial loss and liability that could result in the event of an accident or theft.

Is motor insurance mandatory in the UAE?
Yes, it is required by law that every car in the UAE should be insured.

What is covered by motor insurance?
The exact cover and benefits vary from one insurer to another, and is dependent on the policy you choose. For instance, third party liability insurance, which tends to be a minimum legal requirement, protects you against legal liability resulting from accident caused by your vehicle. The cover includes death, injury or property damage caused to a third party. This cover, however, does not cover damage to your vehicle. Comprehensive cover, on the other hand, includes not only liability cover but also insurance against damage or theft to your vehicle.

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In addition to these two basic policies, you can also choose to add optional covers to tailor your policy to suit your needs. For instance, you may wish to include a hire car benefit as part of your policy so that if you’re vehicle is involved in an accident, you have a replacement car to keep you mobile. If you like to drive to other GCC countries, it is worth opting for GCC road assistance cover. Similarly, if off-road driving is your passion, then there are products available that offers desert assistance.

What do I do in the event of an accident?
Call the police on 999 and report the accident. If someone is injured, you can also call 998 to request an ambulance. If the accident is minor, move your vehicle to a safe place close to the accident. If the accident is major, do not move your vehicle until the police arrive. You could take pictures of the position of all the cars involved and the damage to your vehicle before
you move it, if you think this would help the police to resolve the matter more easily.

Usually the accident is resolved on the spot or at the nearest police station and a police report will be issued. In Abu Dhabi, the driver who is considered at fault will receive a pink copy of the police report while the other party or parties will get their reports on green sheets. In other Emirates, different colours may be used. Please be aware that the police reports are in Arabic so you may wish to get it translated if you would like to understand what has been written.

Call your insurance company to notify them of your claim. In order to process your claim, they will need you to send a copy of your driving license and registration card, as well as the original police report.

Depending on the severity of the accident, they will either advise you where to take your car for repair, or arrange for you to have roadside assistance if you have this benefit as part of your policy.

Through which channels can I buy motor insurance?
You can purchase insurance direct from the insurer (online, over the phone or in one of their branches), through a broker or at a car dealership.

What should I consider before buying a motor insurance?
It is important that you fully understand the policy you are buying, and that you have a suitable level of cover in place to protect you if you ever need to make a claim. For example, if you have recently bought a new car, then you might want to select a policy that has new car replacement cover, so that if you have an accident and your car is a total loss, you will be given a brand new car as a replacement instead. You should also ensure that your insurer will be able to deliver when it matters most, so reputation and financial strength are also important.


In a survey of 748 UAE residents conducted by YouGov in June 2012, 58% of residents report that they never purchase travel insurance for their trips. We look into the reasons why it’s important to have protection in place when you travel.

What is travel insurance?
Going abroad is supposed to be fun, but it can present a whole host of risks, from getting ill through to losing your luggage, or worse. Travel insurance is there to provide you with a safety net against the most common problems that can occur while you are on holiday. It provides cover for unforeseen circumstances such as missing connecting flights, stolen possessions, lost baggage, medical expenses, and credit card fraud.

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Why should I purchase travel insurance?
You should purchase travel insurance so you are covered if:

  • Your flight gets cancelled

  • Your travel agent or tour operator goes bankrupt

  • Your bags get lost or stolen

  • You require medical treatment while you are away

  • You have to miss an event such as a concert or sporting match as a result of having to cancel your trip

  • Your passport or wallet are stolen and you need emergency cash and a replacement passport

  • You miss a flight connection

  • Your credit card gets stolen and used fraudulently while your away

  • You need to be evacuated due to a medical emergency

  • You have an accident involving a third party and they take legal action

What if I fall ill during the travelling period; will travel insurance cover my medical expenses?
Yes, one of the most important benefits of travel insurance is that it covers medical expenses while travelling. People often fail to realise how expensive medical treatment can be in a foreign country, so it is vital to have cover in place for medical emergencies or accidents.

What do I do if I am involved in an incident whilst overseas?
Your insurer will usually provide two key contact points if you need to make a claim. One will be an international emergency assistance number if you need immediate assistance, for example, if you need to be evacuated, require medical assistance or simply need advice. The other contact will be a local number or email address which you can use to file a claim upon your return to the UAE if the claim is a relatively minor one. Usually you need to notify your insurer of a claim within thirty days of the incident occurring.


What is home insurance?
There are different types of home insurance, namely buildings, home contents and personal possessions cover.

What is buildings insurance?
Buildings insurance covers sudden and unexpected loss of, or physical damage to, your home and the permanent fixtures and fittings within it. It typically covers the damage resulting from fires, storms, floods or water leakages.

What is contents insurance?
Contents insurance covers the items in your house which are not permanent fixtures or fittings. It covers household goods and personal property such as furniture, jewellery, appliances and clothing. It also covers your valuables and money. It typically covers the damage resulting from fires, storms, floods, water leakages and theft.

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What is personal possessions insurance?
Some insurers also offer worldwide personal possessions cover. This means that they will provide cover, anywhere in the world, for the sudden an unexpected loss of, or physical damage to, the personal possessions that you own. Insurers will usually ask you to specify any possessions which you would like to cover that exceed a certain amount (their single article limit) which is often around 10,000 AED. It is important that you remember to declare such items that exceed the single article limit, as otherwise you may find that you do not receive sufficient compensation in the event of a claim.

Why should I buy home insurance in the UAE, it’s not really necessary?
Homes in the UAE are increasingly being affected by fires, burst water pipes and other accidental damage. Losing your possessions in such an event is difficult enough, but having no insurance in place to cover the loss is even tougher. Home insurance is relatively cheap and offers great value. Some insurance providers offer home contents cover for as little as a dirham a day.

How do I calculate the value of my home contents?
Estimate the value of your contents room by room, take photographs and keep an inventory.
Don’t forget the small items like DVDs, books and clothes, which can soon add up. It’s very common for customers to have underestimated the value of their home contents, so working through your home room by room will help you to arrive at a more accurate valuation of your home contents.

Do I need to keep receipts for all of my purchases?
It certainly helps when it comes to making a claim. Having proof of purchase will allow your insurer to process your claim quicker, as it acts as a guarantee to prove that you owned the possession(s) you are trying to claim for. In the absence of receipts, photographs to are often useful.