Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi |

Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi

The traffic fines and laws in Abu Dhabi are constantly changing to make the roads safer so check here and we'll have the updates..

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24 July 2013

Last updated on 11 December 2017
Traffic Fines in Abu Dhabi

Latest News: Vehicles involved in minor accidents must be removed

If you are involved in an accident where the car is still drivable and there are no injuries, you will be expected to move your vehicle to the closed parking lot, or place where the vehicles will not be an obstruction to the traffic. Abu Dhabi police are clamping down on people who do not follow this rule by issuing fines.

Latest News: Abu Dhabi Government allows for the payment of traffic fines in installments

For a period of three months - from 1st June to 31st August - motorists in the UAE can pay a part of their traffic fines in installments. This reprieve will be available to those with at least 2 traffic fines amounting to AED1000 or more, whose registration has already expired. Violators can pay 50% of the amount at the time of their registration renewal and the remaining amount can be paid in installments.  

Latest News: Abu Dhabi Government allows for the payment of traffic fines in installments.

In coordination with the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport, the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police will implement a new mechanism for fines payment by installments; as of Sunday, November 18th 2012, and for a grace period of three months only; to make it easier for community members, citizens and residents alike, to pay traffic fines.
For more information visit the Abu Dhabi Police GHQ Website.

Abu Dhabi eGovernment portal has a pay your traffic fines service. Through this service, individuals, companies or commercial establishments can enquire about and pay for traffic violations using the traffic ID, car plate number, or licence number.

What You Need To Do:
Report to the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department, Traffic Fines Section.
Submit the vehicle ownership form or driving licence or vehicle or licence number.
Pay the penalty fee.
Receive the receipt and release order.

Required Documents
Violation Receipt- Original
Vehicle Registration- Original or copy
Emirates ID- Original or copy

Online Checking Of Fines
You can see if you have been issued with any fines by visiting the Traffic eServices departmant of Abu Dhabi Police Online Traffic Fine Checker>>

Online Payment

You can pay some fines online so follow this link to find out more and register for online payment of your traffic fines. Take Me There>>

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