Here’s Why Abu Dhabi Is Ranked As World’s Safest City |

Here’s Why Abu Dhabi Is Ranked As World’s Safest City

The capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi, just topped the list as the world’s safest city and it makes sense why

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20 September 2018

Last updated on 20 September 2018
World’s Safest City

A huge positive factor about living in the UAE means that you can sleep at peace knowing that the cities are safe. But Abu Dhabi residents can sleep a little better after the city was ranked the safest in the world.

It’s not hard to understand why any of the cities in the UAE can be deemed safe by residents, the UAE is full of expats and locals that intend to do no harm.

Instead, they live peacefully amongst each other while sharing cultures and building a life for themselves in communities.

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And now, residents in Abu Dhabi can feel at ease knowing that they live in the safest city in the country and the world.

This isn’t the first time that Abu Dhabi ranks high on its levels of safety and crime-free living atmosphere.

According to Numbeo, a website that collects data to compile databases on cities and countries around the world - the capital of the UAE ranked at 88.26 points on the world’s safety index. It also means that the index rose from 86.46 points in 2017.

Surpassing more than 300 cities on the Safety Index database, Abu Dhabi topped the list – making it safer than most well-known cities around the world including Tokyo, Munich, Vienna and many more.

Residents living in the city vouch for this fact as many of them feel comfortable to leave their houses at whatever time they please and have rarely ever been in unfavorable situations - and here’s why people in Abu Dhabi feel that way

Around the clock safety

If you wish to leave your house at six in the morning or 11 at night, residents don’t have to think twice about whether it’s safe or not outside.

People who have lived in Abu Dhabi for years on end will continue to vouch for the city being one of the safest in the country and amongst the safest in the world – at times classifying it safer than back home.

Police cars always patrol the streets of Abu Dhabi during various times in a day and Abu Dhabi Police also respond quickly to situations and resolve it as fast as they can.

Low danger rate

Residents in Abu Dhabi have rarely come face to face with criminals or have been in terrifying situations. The city has an extremely low probability of the following:

  • Pickpocketing risk
  • Mugging risk
  • Scams risk
  • Transportation risk
  • Natural disaster risk
  • Terrorism risk
  • Harassment against women

So if you’re a resident in Abu Dhabi this is a proud moment and for those who are looking to relocated to Abu Dhabi, this should reassure your decision to do so!