New Abu Dhabi Police App Launches to Make Life Easier |

New Abu Dhabi Police App Launches to Make Life Easier

The Abu Dhabi Police have launched a new smartphone application to help you access over 35 police service in the palm of your hand

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17 January 2017

Last updated on 13 June 2017
New Abu Dhabi Police App Launches to Make Life Easier

In an age when technology is forever evolving, any new application that helps you keep up with the changing times is always a welcome one. And with the continued efforts to make the UAE 'smarter,' it is no surprise that many of your daily tasks can now be updated with the click of a button. 

With the help of Abu Dhabi Police's (ADP) new smartphone app, you can now access up to 35 police services, ranging from paying traffic fines to sending a message to someone blocking your car in. 


It's free to download, and residents can also use it to help schedule a driving test as well as paying for Mawaqif parking, monitoring your speed and more. 


This new version of the app - which has been developed after a trial period and survey of 20,000 users conducted by ADP - is part of the ADP's goal to provide the community with innovative and unconventional police services. And lets face it, being able to pay fines with ease is a comforting thought. 

Here's some of the best features of the app we'll think you'll find the most useful...

Viewing and paying traffic fines

This can be found under the Police Services category. Always a handy tool to have when you're out and about on Abu Dhabi's roads, by inserting your traffic number into the app, you'll be able to monitor what fines you have collected and also pay them off. 

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Schedule a driving test

By selecting the 'Create Try File' option under Police Services, you can open your traffic file and arrange a driving test to be completed. Not only that, but there are also options to postpone/prepone a date if necessary. 

Renewing your driving license

Definitely a useful tool when it comes to renewing your license with ease. Not only that, but you can also renew your registration card, replace a lost or damaged one, or even replace a lost or damaged driving card. 

Gain a police clearance certificate

If you plan on travelling anywhere that may require you to produce a clearance certificate, you'll be able to begin the process here. 

Abu Dhabi police app 2

Submitting a traffic report

If for whatever reason, you're stationary in traffic or have witnessed a jam or collision that needs to be reported, you can use the in-app service of submitting a traffic report to help the ADP gather information needed. It also comes with an SOS option to connect you to the emergency services if urgently needed. 

Monitoring your road speed

While we must all endeavour to follow the legal speeds on the Emirate's roads, it's useful to monitor exactly what speeds you have been driving it and where you need to slow down if necessary. 

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Vehicle blocking report

Perhaps the most impressive service now accessible in the ADP app is their Vehicle Blocking Report service, where drivers can actually send anonymous messages to operators of vehicles blocking their car or parked in their spot by entering their license plate number in the app. No longer will you have to wait for your annoying neighbour to come back to move their car.


Other useful aspects of the app is the service center locator if ever you need to visit one in person, as well as organising a visit to someone in prison.  

Begin using the services available and download the app on iOS and Andriod.  

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