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About Al Hosn, The App That Tracks COVID-19 Cases in UAE

Health authorities urge the public to download the Al Hosn app to help keep track of coronavirus cases in the UAE

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20 May 2020

Last updated on 20 May 2020
UAE Launches App That Tracks COVID-19 Cases in the Country

Al Hosn app helps health officials trace who a COVID-19 patient has been in contact with previously, so that they may be tested or isolated if required.

Named after Abu Dhabi’s historical fortress, the Al Hosn app is the UAE’s latest help in combating the spread of coronavirus.

Health authorities has urged the public to download the app as it helps them trace undetected carriers of COVID-19.

The Al Hosn app tracks interactions between people who have it installed on their devices.

Doctors and officials have been working to track every person that has been in close physical contact with a confirmed case before they were diagnosed, however, not everyone can be tracked back as it depends on a person’s memory and their honesty. 

“It is very difficult to trace back who one was in contact with, especially in public places,” said Dr. Farida Al Hosani, spokeswoman for the UAE’s health sector.

“This will enable individuals to learn more about their health status and their exposure to positive cases,” she added.

Mandatory download for those who have the virus

Those who are diagnosed with coronavirus are required to download the Al Hosn app or risk a AED 10,000 fine. The app is FREE, easy and quick to download, and is available for any Apple for Android device.

How does the Al Hosn app work?

Once downloaded, users must register their details and will be given a unique QR code. There is a colour system (green to red) that shows your individual health status, which is coloured grey if you have not been tested yet or your results are still being processed.

The Al Hosn app does not alert the user if a person might have the virus. All key information remains strictly anonymous.

It helps local health officials to trace you if you’ve been in contact with a diagnosed patient, and test or treat you if needed so you will not be able to pass on the virus.

Once identified, those people will be asked to self-isolate for 14 days and, if they show symptoms of COVID-19, must visit a medical centre for a test.

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“We are still calling individuals to get additional information, but this robust system will enable us and different health authorities to conduct their role and provide live data on the disease,” said Dr. Al Hosani.

UAE’s COVID-19 tracing app was developed by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and Dubai and Abu Dhabi's health authorities. Al Hosn is the country’s version of similar coronavirus apps that are being launched around the world. 

It is an adaptation of two existing apps to help support people during the pandemic, named “Stay Home” and “Trace Covid”.

Australia has seen over 2.5 million downloads of their COVID-19 tracing app called “Covidsafe”.

The Al Hosn app is available on Google Play link text and the Apple Store here.