How to Contest Your Parking Fine in Abu Dhabi |

How to Contest Your Parking Fine in Abu Dhabi

Drivers in the Capital can now dispute any parking fines they've received for free with Mawaqif, find out how

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22 February 2017

Last updated on 2 January 2018
How to Contest Your Parking Fine in Abu Dhabi

Remember when we shared the news that parking regulations have been modified in the Capital? While that might have been some bad news for many drivers, the good news is that now you can contest any fine you receive. 

Yes that's right - even if you are caught parking illegally, you now have the option to argue your case. 
Of course, if you parked legally anyway, you wouldn't need to contest any parking fine you've received...

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But if you happen to find yourself as an innocent victim of an unfair fine, you will no doubt find comfort in knowing you can defend yourself. Parking tickets can be disputed within 15 days of their issuance to a Mawaqif grievance committe, the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport's Integrated Transport Centre announced. 

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How do I contest my parking fine? 

All you have to do is visit any one of Mawaqif's customer care centres in the city, fill in the appeal form and attach a copy of the parking ticket. The service is entirely free to use, too. 

Our advice? Follow the parking regulations and avoid obstructing traffic whenever you're out and about to prevent receiving any parking fine. 

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How do I pay my parking fine?

Even if you're not disputing your fine, you are able to pay any ones online or at one of the Mawaqif customer service outlets across the Emirate. 

In fact, if you pay your fine within 15 days from the date of issue, you'll have a 25 per cent of the total amount waived.