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Owners of Non-Abu Dhabi Registered Vehicles Can Now Pay Their Parking via SMS

The Department of Transport (DoT) has announced that parking can now be paid via SMS for non-Abu Dhabi vehicles.

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28 January 2018

Last updated on 24 July 2019
You Can Now Pay for Your Parking in Abu Dhabi via SMS

If you are a frequent visitor to Abu Dhabi then you would be pleased to know that non-Abu Dhabi vehicles can now pay their parking via SMS.

As of today, January 28th, non-residents to Abu Dhabi needn't register for a Mawaqif account anymore, but can rather just send an SMS to pay for their parking. Prior registration for an Mawaqif account is no longer necessary as all the cars which have been registered in the UAE are already loaded onto the new system.

City codes have also been changed from AUH to RED for vehicles registered in Abu Dhabi. The new ones are as follow:

  • Abu Dhabi: (AUH5 00000 S1),
  • Dubai: (DXBA 00000 S1),
  • Sharjah: (SHJ1 00000 S1),
  • Ajman: (AJMB 00000 S1),
  • Umm Al Quwain: (UAQC 00000 S1),
  • vvvvvRas Al Khaima: (RAKN 00000 S1)
  • Fujairah: (FUJS 00000 S1)

There are two types of parking available in Abu Dhabi. Standard Parking which is Dh 2 per hour and has the abbreviated “S” as well as Premium parking for Dh 3 per hour and is abbreviated by a “P”.

To pay for their parking, motorists can now simply send an SMS to 3009 and include the following information:

  • City code
  • Plate category
  • Plate number
  • S or P
  • Duration in hours

Remember to leave a space between each of the worlds above.

If you would prefer to rather stick to the old system, then you are in luck! It will still be working until the Department of Transport (DoT) can determine a future for it. Cars that are not registered in the UAE can still register for the Mawagif account in order to pay their parking.