Watch: Abu Dhabi Petrol Attendants Battle a Supercar in Flames |

Watch: Abu Dhabi Petrol Attendants Battle a Supercar in Flames

Their quick thinking and actions helped to retain the fire, even when they put their own lives at risk

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28 August 2017

Last updated on 28 August 2017
Watch: Abu Dhabi Petrol Attendants Battle a Supercar in Flames

Earlier this month a team of petrol station attendees risked their lives to put out an extremely dangerous fire at an ADNOC station in the Capital.

The team have since been praised by ADNOC, for their bravery and quick thinking after a supercar caught fire at a station on Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Street on August 8th, 2017.

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The incident was caught on CCTV, and shows the attendants rapidly grabbing fire extinguishers and containing the flames in just a few seconds.

It has since been shared on Twitter by Sheikh Saif bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Ministery and Minister of the Interior, who posted the video thanking ADNOC and its high safety standards. 

The five employees working at the time, who selflessly put on the fire despite risking their own safety, were honoured by the General Directorate of the Civil Defence and ADNOC ‘for their courage and incident readiness’. 

We’re sure both the driver, staff and company are very grateful for the quick actions and high levels of safety, as we can only imagine just how bad it could have potentially been.

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As with any petrol station, there are a number of things drivers in Abu Dhabi can do to help prevent unnecessary and potentially life-threatening fires, including; no smoking, turning OFF car engines while filling with gas, refraining from using a mobile phone and ensuring cars receive regular checks and services to ensure the vehicle is of a suitable standard and is safe to drive.