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10 Signs You Have a Work Best Friend

We’d all be lost without them!

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11 June 2017

Last updated on 15 June 2017
10 Signs You Have a Work Best Friend

Work days in Abu Dhabi can be long and stressful, but many of us get through those days with the help of a 'Work Best Friend'. They’re who you confide in with work matters and who listen to you rant about your boss.

So here are some things you’ll likely relate to if you have a WBF!

1. You act as each other’s cheerleaders


2. You dislike the same people


3. You’re the first to know of any gossip they hear in the office


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4. You can understand each other’s glances

Knowing look

5. You only go to work events if they’re going

Work party

6. The days when they’re absent go by very slowly

Bored at work

7. You’re always at each other’s desks

At their desk

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8. If you’re missing a charger or gum, they always have what you need

Got you

9. They’re your go-to person for after-work happy hour

After work

10. You always have a lunch buddy

Lucnh buddies