AED1000 Fine For Posting An Illegal Poster In Abu Dhabi |

AED1000 Fine For Posting An Illegal Poster In Abu Dhabi

To keep the beauty of Abu Dhabi intact, any illegal poster will be fined up to AED1,000

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18 October 2018

Last updated on 18 October 2018
Illegal Poster

Thinking of advertising to sell an item or yours? Or to find a lost pet? Posting a poster can land you a hefty fine.

In efforts to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of Abu Dhabi, the municipality has issued a new fine regarding unauthorized posters in the emirate.

During the past year, the Abu Dhabi municipality witnessed an increasing number of these illegal posters popping up – it issued 717 warnings and registered 33 offences.

This new law will be applicable to individuals and companies, who are caught putting up any illegal flyer on street walls, lighting poles, bus stops or advertising areas.

And if found engaging in this act, owners of the posters will be issued with fines between AED1,000 and AED10,000.

The reason behind this is that the act of placing unauthorized posters distort the general appearance of the city and several campaigns have been launched in response to keep the city’s clean aesthetic and social values.

Dubai Municipality has been somewhat flexible with the unauthorized posters, issuing 717 warnings instead of offences. However, they continue to educate the public regarding this matter on social media, street advertising and educative leaflets.

Not to mention, any advertisement by an individual or company must be submitted and licensed by the authorities to ensure they are meeting guidelines and requirements.